2012 Easter Seals

“Secret Racers Regatta" (SRR)  

Easter Seals

  • In 2011, the Easter Seals Regatta Rally was retooled to be more relevant to our regular racing fleet and to help ensure that our clubs do all they can to help Easter Seals Ontario families. The Rally has been renamed the “Secret Racers Regatta" (SRR) and it has been integrated into the regular club races. Boats can win by racing in the regular club races the week of July 9th, with the added twist of a bit of fundraising and volunteering!! Easy to participate and you have a chance to win great prizes (not to mention prestige bragging rights)

  • Scoring will be determined by combined standings in three “races”. 
  1. On Water Race: Standing in the regular weekly race the week of July 9th. Boats racing on more than one night will be scored with their best position. If a club race is cancelled that week, we will use the scoring of the next week when all races are run.
  2. Fundraising Race: Standing in Easter Seals fundraising as of midnight July 13th (fundraising total for the boat and crew). 
  3. Volunteer Race: Standing in terms of percentage of your crew who participate in or volunteer for the ES Events (Skippers will be trusted to report for their boat). 

SRR Details

  • The SRR will take place during the week of July 9, 2012.
  • The SRR is open to all registered racers (Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs) at NSC, BYC and CVGR.
  • The SRR will not interfere with regular racing schedule, scoring, race operations.
  • Minimum fundraising is $25.
  • Every participant will receive an Easter Seals Burgee . Please fly it the week of July 9th and if they are available earlier, show your Regatta pride and fly it for the month of July! 
  • Sponsor or donated prizes for First, Second and Third place boats based on combined results in the 3 “races”.
  • Raising over $250 makes you a “Pirate” and eligible for 50% off 2 tickets to the Saturday July 14th Luau. Over $500, you are a “Privateer” and get 2 tickets for free!
  • To be eligible, boats must register for Secret Racers Regatta at http://www.eastersealsregatta.org/register.php
  • Fundraising can be done using the online system at the ES registration site above, or by printing the paper pledge form and going “old school".
  • To register as a volunteer, sign up at http://nsc.ca/web2/easterseals/volunteer. You’ll be added to the list and contacted with jobs available. The Easter Seals team will contact each skipper that registered to get their volunteer percentage.