Opening Hours


Monday to Friday

From 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Office Staff613-829-6462
Fax: 613-702-8955
Club General ManagerTricia McBride
email: Club General Manager
ext. 202
Marine and Property Manageremail: Marine & Property Manager
ext. 207
Hospitality Manageremail: Hospitality Manager
ext. 203
Membership and Office Administratoremail: Administrator
ext. 201
Sailing Activities Manageremail: Sailing Activities Manager
ext. 208
Accountingemail: Accountant
ext. 205
Facility Rentals
Sailing School613-828-1081 — Summer months only
Head Instructor email: Head Instructor
School Administrator email: NSC Sailing School Admin
The Galley and Bar613-829-6462, ext. 204
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2022-01-04, HM: Removed Assistant MPM. Updated link for Hall Rental to /an/harbourview-hall.
2022-05-11, HM: Noted CGM as TBD; Added Paul Miron; gave ownership of page to Member Admin.

2022-07-15, JLW: Added Tricia McBride to CGM contact info.

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