Sailing Towards a Sustainable Future

Welcome to Nepean Sailing Club- a sanctuary of environmental stewardship and sustainable sailing practices. As sailors, boaters, and nature enthusiasts, we recognize the crucial role we play in protecting the delicate ecosystems that surround us. Through our Club Environmental Initiatives, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment and promoting responsible practices that benefit both our local community and the planet at large.

1. Purple Martins – Our Winged Ambassadors of Environmental Conservation

These elegant birds have become the focal point of our environmental initiatives, symbolizing our dedication to creating a cleaner, greener, and safer sailing environment. Through our collaborative efforts, we aim to protect and preserve the delicate ecosystem surrounding our club, ensuring a thriving habitat not only for the Purple Martins but also for other precious wildlife species.

2. Bilge Socks & Oil Absorbent Pads – Safeguarding Our Waters

In our relentless pursuit of minimizing environmental impacts, we have implemented the use of bilge socks and oil-absorbent pads on all our boats. By doing so, we ensure that any accidental fuel or oil spills are quickly contained and absorbed, preventing harmful substances from contaminating the water and affecting the habitats of wildlife.

3. Spill Prevention and Response at the Fueling/Service Dock – Protecting Water Quality

At the fueling and service dock, we have established stringent spill prevention protocols to minimize the risk of oil or fuel spills during refuelling operations. Additionally, our trained staff is equipped with appropriate spill response kits to swiftly address any unforeseen incidents, ensuring minimal impact on the local ecosystem and its inhabitants.

4. Osprey Nesting Area: Creating Safe Spaces for Nesting Birds

As part of our dedication to biodiversity preservation, we have designated and protected an Osprey nesting area within our club premises. This provides a haven for Ospreys and supports a harmonious coexistence with other bird species, including the Purple Martins.

5. Turtle Nest Protection – Safeguarding Future Generations

We actively collaborate with local conservation groups and experts to identify and protect nesting sites of various species, including the turtles. By keeping a watchful eye on these delicate habitats, we ensure the well-being of hatchlings, contributing to the ecological balance that sustains wildlife, including the Purple Martin population.

6. CleanMarine Certification – Leading by Example

Nepean Sailing Club is recognized as a CleanMarine-certified establishment. This prestigious certification signifies our unwavering commitment to responsible environmental practices, benefiting all wildlife, including Purple Martins, in an ecologically sound environment.

7. Seabin – Innovation for Cleaner Waters

We have invested in innovative solutions to combat marine pollution, such as the installation of Seabins within our harbour. These floating trash collectors effectively capture debris, plastic, and other pollutants, preventing them from entering the waterways and affecting the foraging grounds. This proactive measure demonstrates our resolve to provide a clean and healthy ecosystem for all inhabitants, human and avian alike. By mitigating the impact of pollution, we create a safer environment not only for the marine life but also for our cherished bird species.

8. Dock Tank Coating Choices: Eco-Friendly Harbor Maintenance

Recognizing the impact of dock maintenance on water quality, we carefully select environmentally-friendly coating materials for our dock tanks. By opting for non-toxic and eco-conscious choices, we minimize the risk of harmful chemicals leaching into the water, thereby preserving the habitat integrity for all aquatic life.

As we conclude our exploration of our Club Environmental Initiatives, we take great pride in the progress we’ve made in safeguarding our precious natural surroundings. Each initiative represents a testament to our commitment to environmental stewardship and our passion for preserving the delicate balance of life in and around our sailing club.

By attaining CleanMarine certification and adopting innovative solutions like Seabins, we have demonstrated our determination to lead by example and inspire others to follow suit. Our combined efforts can create a lasting impact, leaving a legacy of environmental responsibility for all who share our love for the navigation and the creatures that call it home. Together, let’s sail towards a sustainable and greener world.

New Water Level and Flow Monitoring Station at NSC – Nepean Sailing Club

Water Survey of Canada (WSC) installed a new water level stilling well and equipment shelter to the southeast of the main harbour access ramp. Environment & Climate Change Canada (ECCC) has maintained a water level and flow monitoring station on this section of the river since 1915, and on NSC grounds since 2010. WSC’s equipment had been maintained underneath the patio. Through informal and formal conversations between NSC management, WSC Engineering, and regional WSC employees, a plan was developed and a licence agreement was secured to install an improved station on NSC grounds. Read the details of the water level and flow monitoring station on this page.

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