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The Telltale is NSC’s weekly electronic newsletter, which is typically emailed to members every Wednesday. Have a story to submit?

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The Telltale is normally emailed to all members, but if you have changed your email address, or are not receiving it, you may subscribe to it by dropping an email to the Membership Administrator.


The Telltale has been in production since 1980 when it was simply called the “Newsletter”. In 1982 the publication was renamed to “Tell-Tale” before being simplified to “Telltale” as we know it today.

Recent Telltales

Over the years the Telltale has taken a few different shapes and forms. It started as a simple paper newsletter stapled together and passed around, and then became a comprehensive 20-30 page monthly publication mailed to members. Now, it is sent as a weekly email bulletin. Typical of electronic newsletters today, it includes an image and headline with links on both to the complete article on the website.

The 20 most recent Telltales are available here. For a copy of issues before that, but after 2016, send an email to telltale at nsc.ca.

Telltales, 1980-2016

Telltales published from 1980-2016 can be found in pdf format, in NSC’s Box.com folders. Until the end of 2013, the Telltale was a 15-30 page monthly newsletter, edited for the last couple of decades by our late member, Yvonne Parlour. In 2014, the Telltale became a weekly email bulletin published by the office, under the responsibility of the Public Relations Director.

Submit A Story

If you have news, stories, or photos to include in the Telltale, please email the Telltale editors by Tuesday noon. Please include

  • a relevant image
  • a summary of about 20 words
  • the link to the related webpage where subscribers can read more. The link can take readers to a post or page in nsc.ca or to an external website, such as for registrations.

Submission deadline is Tuesdays at noon.  

After long weekends, the submission deadline is Wednesdays at noon. The Telltale will be published on Thursdays of those weeks. 

Please note that, unlike in the past, we no longer repeat content from week to week except in special circumstances to maximize readership. If something must be inserted two or more weeks in a row, please send it each Tuesday with a new image, and ideally, with new text.

Example Submission

This is a good example of an emailed submission with an image, text and link in the text. Feel free to send the link on a separate line if you’re not familiar with how to embed it.

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