Haulout Date Tied to Your Expected Launch Date

A number of times, I have mentioned that the Yard at NSC is just too small. Mid-summer and mid-winter, all seem well but in spring and fall, we don’t have enough space to move boats around.

If we reorganized the Yard to create enough space and guarantee that all of NSC’s objectives would be met, at least 30% more of our members would have to take their boats offsite and find alternate winter storage. Nobody wants that to happen so the Club is asking you to care about where – and when – your boat is stored this winter.

Your plans for Haulout are tied to your plans for launch and here’s why you have to care:

Service Providers work for you. Whether your boat is hauled by a service provider or by yourself, where your boat is located in the yard is your responsibility. You, and not the service provider, are solely responsible to make sure that all aspects of NSC’s policies are respected.

There is an overall plan. There are parts of the Yard designated for cradled boats and parts for trailered boats. The locations expand slightly after Commercial Haulout. When your boat is coming out, check for the Yard Plan updates.

Spring launch is scheduled, not ad-hoc. NSC’s Yard and Harbour are part of a Club and not a marina. The Club’s target is to have all boats launched within three weeks of Commercial Launch and several programs such as Racing and the opening of the Dry Sail Park, Sailing Training Centre and Trailer Launch are tied to this date.

NSC has no budget to move your boat. NSC does not offer a service to move your boat or trailer. We expect you to know where you are in the annual sequence and be ready to launch quickly. To help you figure this out, check the table, at the bottom of this page.

Your boat may be stored on top of someone else’s slip – on land! Come spring, a large portion of the yard is converted into slips for members who have paid to use the Trailer Launch and Dry Sail Park. NSC expects you to know if your boat is stored “on top” of a slip and either move her or launch her by the time the mooring is needed six days after Commercial Launch.

To help set your expectations for Spring, the following diagrams illustrate the Club’s priorities for launch schedules based on your storage location.

 Yard Storages A, B, CLaunch as Harbour Melts


If your boat is in the area marked “A”, “B” or “C”, you are a top priority and should be ready to launch very early, preferably the day that ice leaves the harbour.

Boats in Area “A” were likely stored just after Commercial Haulout in the lane left behind by the crane.

Areas “B” and “C” in particular are blocking access to the launch cranes and must be cleared before others can launch.

 Yard Storages D, ELaunch very close to Commercial Launch


Boats in Area “E” are a top priority at Commercial Launch time since the Dry Sail Park and the Sailing Centre start opening one week after Launch.

The boats at the head of each Row and at the front of each Lane (Area “D”) need to be ready to launch well in advance of the Commercial Launch, ideally, as soon as the club crane lanes are clear.

 Yard Storage FCommercial Launch


Boats in Area “F” are launched using commercially rented cranes and absolutely must be ready to launch on Commercial Launch Day.

 Yard Storages G, HThe week following Commercial Launch


Boats remaining in Area “G” need to launch in order for the Dry Sail Park and the Sailing Centre to open the weekend after Launch.

Boats in Area “H” should be ready to launch right after Commercial Launch

This is, by far, the most difficult time in the Yard, please help!

 Yard Storages I, JTwo weeks after Commercial Launch


Boats in Area “J” must be launched in order for the balance of the Trailer Launch slips to be made available three weeks after Commercial Launch.

Boats in Area “I” should be ready to Launch two weeks after Commercial Launch.

 Yard Storage KThree weeks after Commercial Launch


Any remaining boats should be ready to Launch three weeks after Commercial Launch and any stragglers from Area “K” should be ready to go.

Written by Corey Glynn

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