A Very Busy Place

A view of the harbour from the water

Especially in Spring and Fall as Members get ready for Launch or Winter Storage. Dealing with the Yard is like trying to store sails on your boat: works fine when they are rolled up, but is a bit ‘tight’ when you need to unroll them.  Our Yard is the perfect size for Winter and Summer, but too small for Spring and Fall when everything starts moving around. We try to keep the mayhem to a minimum although some trailers and maybe some cradled boats will move. Please be patient.

When you’re looking for a place to store your boat, please use these Digrams as guides. No plan is perfect, but you get the idea: the more well-stored the Boats are, the less moving around will happen.

  • Storage during the Summertime (PDF)
  • Storage in Fall before Dinghy Park and Trailer Launch Close (PDF)
  • Storage in Fall before Commercial Haul Out (PDF)
  • Storage after Commercial Haul Out (PDF)

NSC’s preference is that you store your mast atop your boat. When this is not possible, please contact the Office to get a ticket to store your mast on one of NSC’s mast racks.

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