Purpose of the Legacy Fund

The purpose of the fund is to provide support to youth, ABLE, and adult sailors sailors who wish to participate in exceptional sailing/boating activities which might include:

  • regional, national and international competitions,
  • training events,
  • sail training at NSC to new sailors who may otherwise not be able to afford to participate, and
  • other exceptional sailing/boating activities, both competitive and non-competitive.


In 2004, the Nepean Sailing Club established the “25 Legacy Reserve” to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Club to assist individuals and teams interested in pursuing training and competitive opportunities in sailing. The fund is now known as the “NSC Legacy Fund”. 

Intended Recipients

Although the primary recipients of the Fund are members or prospective members of the Nepean Sailing Club, there may be exceptional circumstances in which sailors from outside the club can be assisted. 

The Committee

The NSC Legacy Fund Committee is responsible for reviewing applications, awarding grants to eligible candidates, and initiating projects to replenish the fund. The Committee’s decisions on awards are final. The Committee is comprised of the Commodore, Treasurer and Public Relations Director.


The NSC Legacy Fund is supported by donations and fundraising activities and voluntary member donations, including the Winter Speaker Series.


There are several application windows each year.

  • Window 1: Applications will be accepted until May 1st, and responded to by June 1st
  • Window 2: Applications will be accepted until August 1st and responded to by September 1st.
  • Window 3: Applications will be accepted until October 1st and responded to by November 1st.
  • Other applications: Applications may also be reviewed on an ad-hoc, as needed basis under exceptional circumstances.

To apply, please fill out this electronic form, or download and submit this paper form to the NSC Office.

Past Recipients

2021 recipients
2022 recipients
2023 recipients

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