NSC's Weather Station & Lake Cam

Water level1: 1.0 m above chart datum.
Wind at NSC2: NW at 1.9 kn, gusting to 3.

Ottawa Current3: Light rain, 8°C. Wind: SW at 3 kn. Pressure: 100.6 kPa, falling. Relative humidity: 82%. Visibility: 10 nm.
Ottawa Today3: Cloudy. Periods of rain beginning near noon. High 10. UV index 3 or moderate.

The NSC lighthouse with weather station attached
The Weather Station on the lighthouse

Conditions & Forecasts


  • Sailflow Winds — For Lac Deschênes using NSC & BYC sensors data
  • VentuSky — Graphical area wind, temperature, and precipitation centred on NSC
  • Wind Finder — Wind and weather forecast for NSC
  • Wind Guru — Numerical wind and weather forecast for the Ottawa River
  • Windy.com — Graphical wind forecast for NSC and area


Water Levels

Radar & Satellite Images


1 The water level is calculated as the difference between Britannia4 station's 57.9 m datum and the latest value in the Environment Canada Weather Office's Data File for Britannia4, updated every hour (Apr-Oct) and 4 hours (Nov-Mar).
Note to racers: The BYC gates must remain in place until the water level drops below ~59.0m or less than 1.1m above the datum.

2 Weather data is collected every 5 minutes by the NSC-owned Davis Vantage Pro2 Weather Station, mounted on the lighthouse at the harbour entrance.
Note that: (1) the wind at NSC is likely to differ from that elsewhere on the lake and at the airport, and (2) "No current data" is displayed whenever the application evaluates that, for whatever reason, no new data is available.

3 The current and forecast values at the Ottawa Airport are extracted every 5 minutes from the Ottawa (Kanata - Orléans) City Page. Wind speeds are converted from km/h to kn (knots), and distances from km to nm (nautical miles).

4 The Britannia water level and flow metering station are actually located at NSC!

ISO Abbreviations: kn stands for knot(s), where 1 kn = 1.85 km/h, and nm stands for nautical mile(s).

Disclaimer: NSC does not warrant the quality, accuracy, or completeness of any data made accessible through this page. The above information and links are provided on an "AS IS" basis without warranty or condition of any nature.

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