• The Mean Water Level datum at Britannia1 is 57.9 m.
  • The BYC gates cannot be removed until the water level drops to roughly 59.0 m.
  • During the 2017 flood, the water level reached a peak of 60.44 m.
  • During the 2019 flood, the water level reached a peak of 60.70 m on the evening of 2019-04-30. That’s 2.8 m, or 9′ 2″, above datum. The second peak was at 60.61 m in the early morning of 2019-05-14.
  • At a water level of 60.15 m, the water will be at the top of the south crane well; at 60.20 m, it will be at the top of the north crane well. The service docks cannot be attached if the water level is above approximately 59.7 m.

1 The Britannia water level and flow metering station 02KF005 is actually located at NSC!

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