Baskin’s Beach Weekend is NSC’s most popular up-river social event of the summer, usually held in early August. The Baskin’s Beach property is a privately owned park, about 4 miles past Pinhey’s Point, on the Ontario shore. In recent years, upwards of 50 boats have made the voyage up-river, while others have driven up, for an afternoon of games and socializing, a dinner of outdoor foods such as deep-fried turkey, pogos, pulled pork, corn on the cob, along with an evening bonfire with live entertainment. Activities usually get started mid-afternoon, though there’s always set up and help with food prep for the early arrivals.

Dinner is typically provided by NSC with nominal “donations” requested to cover these costs. Usually the club will send out a notice, and people are asked to indicate their intentions to attend, so that organizers know how much food to purchase.

The anchorage at Baskin’s is relatively protected from winds from the south-east through the west, but little protection is offered if there’s a strong wind from the northwest or north. Be prepared with a good anchor and lots of chains and rode, and allow enough room between you and your neighbour, should the wind shift in the middle of the night. See this Google Maps link for a view of the anchorage. For those without tenders, one of the NSC coach boats is available as a water taxi on VHF Channel 72. Depending on winds, the sail up to Baskin’s is typically 3-4 hours, or ~2 hours by the motor at ~6 knots.

For those wishing to drive, it’s ~ about 35 minutes from the club. See this link to Google Maps, for directions from NSC.

For those not accustomed to, or equipped for, “cruising”, there will be port-a-toilets and wash-up stations on shore, though there are no shower facilities. Some years, there is a canteen up the hill that sells ice cream, pop, french fries, ice, and other snacks. And for those not accustomed to cooking on board, they do serve a great breakfast, too.

A few other notes. Cellular coverage is weak, if available at all, on the beach. Things you may wish to bring include: swimsuits & beach towels, snacks & refreshments, guitars & other musical instruments, glow sticks for the kids, etc. Finally, as part of our agreement with the owner, dogs are not allowed on the beach.

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