It’s a hot afternoon in Ottawa’s short summer. But there’s a cooling breeze blowing on Lac Deschênes. Forget about your work or family commitments – they will still be waiting for you on Monday. For now, you are at the helm of a sail boat, beating into the wind, making good speed towards the Island. The talk is of head-sail trim and navigation hazards. Later on, you gather on the club deck with other sailors to share stories of your time on the water.

If you can see yourself in this picture (or even in this video!), come and join us.

These fun events bring together skippers and crew of all experience levels — whether they are just starting to explore sailing, or they have years of experience and quantities of knowledge to share. Social Day-Cruising is an excellent way to share sailing adventures with like-minded people, and make new friends in the sailing community.

How to participate

We sail about 15 times per year. You’ll find the dates here. Choose the dates that you want to sail and sign-up by sending an email to Tim Moses and Sylvie Seufert – please include both of us. Sign-up as early as possible, as it helps us organize.

We will assign you to a boat, ahead of the event. Boat and crew assignments are posted to the same link. So, it’s worthwhile to bookmark it.


Free! If you join us regularly, you should get a crewing membership – that’s only fair.


If the forecast conditions are unsafe e.g. lightning, strong wind gusts or poor air-quality, then the event will be cancelled. We will attempt to contact you beforehand. Otherwise, it is our intention for the event to go ahead, even if the winds are very light.

Where to meet

On the day of the cruise, meet at the blue tent on the club’s west lawn 10 minutes before sail-time. Don’t be late; we depart on schedule, so that we won’t miss valuable time on the water.

What to bring

  • Water, and perhaps a snack. (See below for the Saturday format.)
  • Hat.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Personal flotation device (PFD) if you have one. If not, we always have extra PFD’s on-hand.
  • Non-slip footwear. Make sure the soles are not ones that will leave marks on the deck (white is good). Test your shoes at home by dragging the edge of the sole across a piece of white paper.
  • What to wear: Consult the weather forecast, as conditions can change throughout the day. You can stow extra clothing aboard below deck.

“Après Sailing”

Cruises typically last three to four hours. Afterwards, crew, skippers, their partners and friends meet up on the club deck to share their experiences.

Saturday cruises

Saturday cruises include a raft-up, usually at Aylmer Island. On these occasions, bring a snack for sharing and something for yourself to drink. It’s also a great opportunity for a swim, especially if it’s hot!

Cancelling your sign-up

If you signed up for a specific day but find yourself unable to participate, please let us know as early as possible – and certainly before 10:00 AM on the day of sailing. Often there is a waiting list and we can offer someone else the chance to sail.


If a cruise is over-subscribed, we give priority to club members and to those who have sailed with us the fewest number of times in the season. For others, there is a waiting list. If a crew cancels, we will draw from the waiting list.


Please email Tim Moses or Sylvie Seufert.

Social Day-Cruising at the helm of a keelboat
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