NSC’s annual Turkey Trot fun race on Thanksgiving Monday is the undisputed highlight of our sailing year. Anything powered by sails – keelboat, dinghy, catamaran, trimaran. No boat? We will find you a ride.

Sail once or twice around the Racing Circle marks, and the first boat home wins the day. Slow boats start first, fast boats start last in a pursuit format. Chase the boats in front, and try to keep ahead of the boats following. Relax and enjoy the pretty boats or be competitive – it’s entirely up to you. Then we gather afterwards in the club house for a Thanksgiving feast to celebrate the end of the season.

Cruising boats particularly love Turkey Trot, as a fun day out. What better excuse to sail one more time before the end of the season?

Here are the Sailing Instructions and start times from a recent year. Watch for an announcement with this year’s update. Look for your type of boat, choose whether you are using spinnaker or not, and find your start time on the list. Boats get the average handicap of all boats of that class.

If your boat type isn’t on last year’s list, contact the organizers beforehand so we can work out your start time. You don’t need a handicap certificate.

Turkey Trot
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