Racing Fleets at NSC

Welcome to NSC’s exciting racing program! Whether you own a dinghy, aspire to sail in a PHRF, JAM, or One Design fleet, or have a boat up to 36ft, we have something for everyone. Join us and experience the thrill of competitive sailing by registering to race.

Fleet Representative

If you’re a member of NSC, please find your fleet representative in the Fleet Committee list for any inquiries or information.


Non-members can contact the Fleet Captain by email for more details about participating in the races.

Racing Fleets


  • Martin 16s
  • Albacores
  • Fireballs
  • International 505s
  • Laser / Laser Radials
  • Youth Dinghies


  • C&C 27s
  • J/24s
  • J/22s
  • Martin 16s
  • Shark 24s
  • Tanzer 22s
  • Catamarans (Portsmouth)

Handicap Race Fleets

  • Women’s Fleet 1: Non-coached keelboats
  • Women’s Fleet 2: Coached keelboats
  • Keelboat PHRF Divisions 1, 2 & 3: PHRF (Flying Sails (FS))
  • Keelboat JAM-A, B & C: PHRF (Non-Flying Sails (NFS))
  • Catamarans (Portsmouth): Tornados, Hobie 16s, F18s, F17s, F16s, A Class, Nacras, etc.
  • Dinghies (Portsmouth): 505s, Albacores, Fireballs, 420s, and others

To learn more about “PHRF” see the Performance Handicap Racing Fleet (PHRF) For Keelboats page.

Please note that fleet starts and division groupings may change each year. Refer to the Sailing Instructions for the official list of fleets and classes.


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