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If you’d be interested in helping with results, please contact either Dominic Goodwill, Fleet Captain, or Jennifer Holliday, Chief Scorer.

To see how your handicap compares with the competition, see NSC’s PHRF Comparison Tool. For an explanation of TOT, BCE, BCR, and to understand how PHRF races are scored, see the page Understanding PHRF Results – TOT, BCE and BCR.

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15 May: HM: Restored update log that had been inadvertently deleted.
15 May: PW: added two new scorers.
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14 Apr: JH: New season update. (Jennifer Holliday new Chief Scorer.)
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17 Jul: HM: Added Zhanna’s name as scorer for Thursday TT.
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29 Jul: JH: Added link to Dinghy racing.
14 Nov: HM: Minor changes to headings for consistency with previous years results.
17 Nov: HM: Added link to 2001 results in Wayback.


2021-05-26, HM: Added reminder below to update the publish date and time when updating page. Changed “Dominic Goodwill” to “Mike Thompson”.
Added note that results are still those from 2020.
2021-07-02, JLH: Updated page for 2021 racing. (JLH is Jennifer Holliday, JH’s previous to this on this page are also Jennifer Holliday, but now that Jan Huus is doing registration, we need to differentiate).
2021-07-17, HM: Added link to PHRF Comparison Tool.
2021-07-19, HM: Added Note about “Results Not Yet Available”. Changed nsc.ca links to “relative” links.

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