The Scoring Inquiry section provides valuable information on how to address scoring issues in boating races. It introduces the Scoring Inquiry Form, which was established in 2006 to tackle common scoring problems encountered at NSC and BYC.

The Purpose

The Scoring Inquiry Form is intended to address simple mistakes in race scoring, such as boats not being scored at all. The form should not be used to request redress or challenge decisions made by the race committee, such as when a boat is recorded as OCS (On Course Side).

The form is available in two formats: a web-based WordPress version and the original MS Word version. If completing the original MS Word version, e-mail the completed form to scoring inquiries.

Submission Deadline

Scoring inquiries should be submitted as soon as possible after the results are posted. Under normal circumstances, scoring inquiries will not be accepted if they are received more than 3 days after the results are posted.

Response time

Normally a reply to scoring inquiries is provided within 48 hours but also acknowledges that fixing the results may take longer. If you are not satisfied with the response, you should submit a Request for Redress.

Handling Unresolved Inquiries

Note that sometimes the race committee is unable to verify the information in a scoring inquiry (e.g. the RC’s records may not show a transcription error and they may not be able to verify the finish position of the boat involved). In such cases, the Scoring Inquiry Coordinator may suggest filing a Request for Redress in accordance with Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) 62.1(a).

Redress Option

The submitter of the scoring inquiry would then be informed of the situation, and normally a hearing would be required. Note that a Request for Redress was the only option prior to the introduction of the scoring inquiry form; however, in recent years almost all scoring inquiries have been resolved without the need for a redress hearing.

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