Empower Sailing Adventures and Create Lasting Impact!

Welcome aboard to an incredible opportunity with Able Sail! We extend our heartfelt gratitude to every individual who brings their unique skills, enthusiasm, and dedication to our program year after year. Join us in the fulfilling journey of empowering our Able Sailors to not only learn but also master the art of sailing.

Unleash Your Potential: Dive into Volunteer Opportunities

Throughout the sailing season, countless volunteer possibilities await, and each contribution makes an immense difference. Our volunteers undergo a comprehensive orientation during a dedicated training day before the season begins, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the adventure ahead.

Explore Diverse Roles: Your Voyage of Contribution

Embark on a fulfilling voyage as a volunteer in various capacities:

  • Companion Sailing: Yes, you sail too! Accompany our Able Sailors on their nautical journey, sharing in the joy of sailing.
  • Transfer Crew (Manual Lift): Assist with transferring sailors using manual lifting techniques, ensuring their safe and seamless experience.
  • Boat Maintenance: Play a vital role in maintaining our fleet, guaranteeing that our vessels are in top-notch condition for every voyage.
  • Regattas: Get involved in the excitement of regattas, contributing to the smooth execution of competitive events.
  • Fundraising and Grant Applications/Sponsorship: Help secure the resources needed to keep our program thriving through fundraising and grant application efforts.
  • Able Sail Blog: Share stories, insights, and updates on our Able Sail Blog, fostering a sense of community and awareness.

Seasonal Commitment: From June to August

Join us during the months of June to August, when your presence as a volunteer will be indispensable. Your assistance will be particularly crucial in aiding sailors with transfers and participating as companion sailors in our programs, including Recreational Sailing, Learn to Sail, Learn to Race, and NSC Regattas.

Embark on Your Volunteer Journey: Signing Up

We’re excited to have you on our team! To embark on this remarkable voyage, simply reach out to Able Sail via email at ablesail@nsc.ca or ablesailingvolunteers@nsc.ca. A mandatory volunteer training session awaits all potential volunteers to ensure a smooth and confident start.

Equipped for Excellence: Volunteer Resources

Explore our comprehensive Volunteer Manual that provides valuable insights, guidelines, and information to enhance your volunteering experience.

Join us in empowering the sailing dreams of Able Sailors, creating memories, and leaving an enduring impact. Together, we navigate beyond horizons!

Smooth waters and a wind-filled journey await!