The Sail Training Centre Newsletter

Maybe you’re a parent of a child joining us this summer for camp, or you’re a volunteer who is excited about the upcoming sailing season! Perhaps you’re a member who is keen to know more about what we do at the Pavillion or you’re a community member who is curious about the Nepean Sailing Club. Regardless, our goal with The Broad Reach is to bring your attention to the intention and purpose of the activities that take place through the STC.

There is connection and belonging that comes from creating cohesion and understanding across the varied programs we offer at the STC. Your role is important and we want to do our part to ensure you know what to expect from us because we value your contributions and participation. The Broad Reach publication is a piece of this puzzle. You will be able to access current information about what is happening in the STC, what is coming up in the future while celebrating what has already happened at the STC.

Thank you for taking the time to engage with us here. We are thankful for your involvement and are committed to doing our part to ensure your experience is a positive one. Should you have any questions, please reach out directly to our SAILING ACTIVITIES MANAGER – Shawn Batten 613-793-7582

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