Setting Sail for Learning: Discover Our Diverse Fleet for Sail Training

Welcome to the Nepean Sail Training Center, where the world of sailing comes alive with possibilities. Our commitment to fostering a passion for sailing and nurturing nautical skills led us to curate a modern fleet that caters to the diverse learning needs of our sailors.

Navigating Youthful Waters: The O’Pen Skiff

For our young and enthusiastic sailors, the O’Pen Skiff (formerly known as the O’Pen Bic) stands as a beacon of exhilarating learning. Introduced in 2006, this vessel exemplifies speed and modernity, offering an exciting platform for kids to embark on their sailing journey.

Embarking Beyond: The RS Feva

Transitioning beyond the introductory stage, the RS Feva takes center stage. With its contemporary sail plan, user-friendly cockpit layout, and robust rotomolded hull, the RS Feva is the ideal vessel for those looking to move forward from the Opti or O’Pen Skiff. This progression prepares our sailors for more advanced boats, such as the C420 and 29er.

Charting Experience: The Laser Pico

For our older aspiring sailors, the Laser Pico comes into play. Designed to accommodate those new to the sport, the Laser Pico provides ample space and versatility, ensuring a comfortable learning environment as skills evolve.

Foundations of Sailing: The Opti Pram

The Aim Pram, a sturdy self-bailing dinghy, takes its place as the foundation of our training. Perfect for novices, this dinghy eliminates the need for bailing after capsizing, enabling sailors to focus on the joy of sailing.

Mastering Excellence: The C420

The Club 420, a two-person dinghy, forms the cornerstone of numerous local, high school, and collegiate programs across North America. Striking the perfect balance between challenge and accessibility, the C420 offers unparalleled learning experiences for both moderately experienced sailors and junior champions.

Inclusivity in Motion: The Martin 16 (Able Sail)

Our commitment to inclusivity shines with the Martin 16, a versatile vessel featured in our Able Sail program. Designed for adaptability and stability, the Martin 16 boasts features tailored to sailors with mobility impairments. Its innovative design ensures a user-friendly experience, catering to sailors of varying physical abilities.

For those seeking more information about our diverse fleet, we invite you to reach out to us. Our dedicated instructors are here to guide you through each vessel’s unique features, helping you choose the perfect starting point for your sailing journey. Set sail with us and embark on a voyage of learning that will shape your maritime passion for years to come.