The Heart of Our Sail Training Programs

Step into our world-class facility, meticulously designed to enhance every aspect of the sailing experience. Our pride lies in the cutting-edge amenities we offer: envision footage reviews, creating an immersive space for coaches’ après-sail video debriefs. The expanse of our multi-purpose docks provides ample room for various activities, while verdant green spaces surround you, seamlessly blending nature with nautical pursuits.

Venture indoors, and you’ll find a variety of dynamic learning environments. Our indoor and outdoor classrooms have been thoughtfully curated to cater to different teaching styles and weather conditions, ensuring an inspiring and comfortable space for sailors to learn and grow.

Moreover, our dedication to inclusivity is evident through our accessible facilities. Navigating our resources is both effortless and enjoyable, as we prioritize a seamless experience for all. Join us at the Sail Training Centre, where innovation, education, and accessibility converge to create an unparalleled setting for sailors of all levels.