Authentic Yachts Bowl

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Original Deed, Background and History of the Trophy:

The Authentic Yachts Bowl was donated by Fraser Robidoux, skipper of Rainy Day Woman, in 2008. It is awarded to the winner of the JAM fleet, in the Interclub Long Distance Series. The ILD series was inaugurated in 2008 with the selection of six races from the existing club distance races. This trophy may be won by a member of any club participating in the Lac Deschene Interclub racing program, and the trophy is held by the winning club.

The Authentic Yachts Bowl was first awarded in 2008.

Awarded For:

2008-Present: Winner of the Interclub Long Distance Series, JAM (Non-Flying Sails) Fleet.

Awarded To:

2008 - Lady Cait, NSC - Peter & Sylvie Kitching
2009 - Rainy Day Woman, NSC - Fraser Robidoux
2010 - Kokopelli, BYC - Mohamed Fahmy
2011 - Flip Flop, NSC - Peter Juryn
2012 - Kokopelli, BYC - Mohamed Fahmy
2013 - Kemosabe, NSC - Mike Bowland, Karole Mar
2014 - Eve Whippet, BYC - Jacqueline Malbeouf
2015 - Halcyon, BYC - Nancy Foy
2016 - Rainy Day Woman, NSC - Fraser Robidoux
2017 - Ulysses, NSC - Henri Boudreau
2018 - Peppermint, NSC - Tim Nason
2019 - Peppermint, NSC - Tim Nason
2020 - Blue Zulu, NSC - Hugh Morrin, Zhanna Orazgalieva

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