Mike O'Sullivan Cup

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Original Deed, Background and History of the Trophy:

In 2013, the Mike O’Sullivan Cup was donated by the Ottawa C&C 27 Fleet, to honour Mike O’Sullivan and his crew on Thumper. For most of the previous 30+ years, Thumper dominated the C&C 27 racing on the Ottawa River, while at the same time demonstrating the highest degree of sportsmanship & integrity. As a tribute to that legacy, the Mike O’Sullivan Cup is awarded to the C&C 27 finishing first overall for the season, in the Interclub One-Design racing.

It was first awarded in 2013.

The Cup is awarded based on all the Thursday OD races, without consideration of each series, using the following drop schedule:
< 7 races: 0 drops
7-11 races: 1 drop
12-18 races: 2 drops
> 18 races: 3 drops

Awarded For:

2013-Present: Winner of C&C 27 Interclub Racing, per original deed.

Awarded To:

2013 - Makai 27, NSC - Peter Goodeve
2014 - Blue Zulu, NSC - Hugh Morrin, Michael Hoffman
2015 - Blue Zulu, NSC - Hugh Morrin, Michael Hoffman
2016 - Thumper, BYC - David O'Sullivan
2017 - Thumper, BYC - David O'Sullivan
2018 - Thumper, BYC - David O'Sullivan
2019 - Thumper, BYC - David O'Sullivan
2020 - Not Awarded

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