Usage Notes

There is two distinct ways to search for Winners:

Search by Events/Winners

This search will extract all the Trophies matching a combination of year(s), Events and/or Winners.

  • The Awards Database contains over 1,500 records! Unlike the Trophy Gallery, it is not practical to display them all.
  • To limit the number of fetched records, you must provide at least:
    1. a full 4-digit year, OR
    2. a 0-3 digit year (like 200 for 2000 to 2009) AND another search parameter.
  • You may enter or not a value in any of the input boxes, using only partial numbers or words. For instance, for the year you have entered in the year box,
    • Enter 'one' in the Event box to see all One-Design events winners, or,
    • Enter 'su' in the Series box to see all Summer series winners, or,
    • Enter 'C' in the Class box to see all the C&C class winners, or,
    • Enter any combination of the above to narrow the results set.
  • To find All the races ever won by a particular boat, clear the year box and enter a know value in the Boat box. For instance, entering "blue" will return the 90+ awards won by "Blue Zulu", "Blue Mist" and other "Blue xxx" named boats ince records are tallied.
  • Searches are case independent: UPPER, lower and MiXeD cases will return the same results.
  • The results are displayed in a NEW page or tab. Close it when done. This will return you to this page with your selections intact.

Search by Trophy Name

This search will extract all the recorded Events/Winners for a given Trophy selected by name.

There are more than 60 trophies in the Gallery. To minimize the size of the selection drop-down menu, a two-stage trophy name search is implemented:

  • First, enter the first few characters of a known trophy's name, press tab or click on the next input box. A "Matching trophies list fetched" message will appear in the Status Box.
  • Then, select the desired trophy by name in the "Matching Trophy Names" drop down list.
  • Finally, press the Submit button.
  • The results are displayed in a NEW page or tab that lists, by year, all the winners associated with your selected trophy. Close it when done to return to this page.

Close this box

Search by Trophy Name

Hint: Enter a trophy's name first few letters in the first box, then tab to next box. See the Instructions for more details.

Status Box

The Award and Winners details will be shown in a new window (or tab);
when done, close that page (or tab) to return here.

Last updated: 2021-11-22.
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