Current Board of Directors

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Notice This page is up to date for Fiscal Year 2019.
Position (Nickname) & Email Given Name   Family Name   Photo 
commodore at nsc dot ca
Michael Hoffman Michael Hoffman
Vice Commodore
vicecommodore at nsc dot ca
Randy Wiseman Randy Wiseman
Rear Commodore (Harbour Master) 
rearcommodore at nsc dot ca
David Neasmith David Neasmith
Fleet Captain (Fleet) 
fleet at nsc dot ca
Dominic Goodwill Dominic Goodwill
treasurer at nsc dot ca
John Rae John Rae
Board Secretary
secretary at nsc dot ca
Paul Wagner Paul Wagner
Social Director
social at nsc dot ca
Membership Director
membership at nsc dot ca
Ross Ernst Ross Ernst
Public Relations Director (PR Director) 
publicrelations at nsc dot ca
Callum Smith Callum Smith
Sail Training Director (LTS / Youth Director) 
sailtraining at nsc dot ca
Michele Cimon Michele Cimon
Past Commodore
pastcommodore at nsc dot ca
Corey Glynn Corey Glynn