Tuesday & Thursday Fall Racing – Mandatory To (Re)Register By August 16

Tuesday and Thursday Fall Series will begin August 25 and you must register for this racing by August 16, even if you have previously registered for racing; all previous registrations are invalid for Tuesdays and Thursdays. We are offering round-the-buoys racing with conventional starts under the Racing Rules of Sailing. Tuesday options include JAM and PHRF (with spinnakers); Thursday is JAM only. more…

Midnight Madness Race – Friday, August 14

This fun event draws a large contingent of NSC sailors who enjoy not only racing, but also the challenge of sailing at night. The event is open to all keelboats; Skippers meeting is at 2030 on the west lawn, with the warning gun scheduled for 2200. In order to keep crew sizes down, the use of spinnakers is not allowed this year. more…

Overflow Parking now available Weekends & Thursday Evenings

Parking in the overflow parking area to the east of the main gate is now permitted on Thursday evenings, and on Saturdays & Sundays, 0800-2300. Members are advised that those parking along the road, or anywhere other than within designated parking spaces, are being ticketed. For more information, see Parking at NSC.

Update Log:
2020-06-05: DS: changed ‘to download the permit” to “to access the permit download” – since the reference page only contains a link to a page with the PDF download.
2020-06-30: HM: Noted parking allowed to July 6th.
2020-07-05: Changed post title to Parking at NSC. Updated content.
2020-07-14: Changed post title to Overflow Parking now available Weekends”. Updated content.
2020-08-10: Added Thursday evenings.

Dinghy-Cat Racing Wednesdays

Dinghy and catamaran Wednesday night racing starts July 29. Everyone on the boat must be in the same social circle. Perfect event for any type of catamaran or dinghy. The small-boat fleets are very happy to help new boats learn to race – get in touch. more…