Dinghy raid to LDSC

Dear Sailors, we have an unofficial adventure sail planned for August 7th from NSC, up river to LDSC. There we are invited to beach / moor and enjoy the lawn and grounds at LDSC with their members. This is not a race, although I am sure some spirited sailing may result. Fancy dress is not mandatory, but pirate theme is encouraged :-)

Bring a picnic and beverage of your choice. Great opportunity to meet members from another club off the water, while getting there by boat.

Full instructions here.

Dinghy Rental Qualifiers

Dinghy & SUP Rentals are now open for those who attended a Qualifier session in 2020 – more info here. Participation at a Qualifier session is required before renting a dinghy (but not a SUP); Qualifiers sessions were held July 24; monitor this space for future Qualifiers, likely the weekend of August 7-8. more…

Reminder on dock overhang and bumpers

Members assigned a wet mooring are reminded to ensure their boats are moored such that there is no overhang over the main dock span (ie. bows, anchors, pulpits). As well, there is only one type of authorized dock bumper that can be installed as other designs will cause our newly decked docks to rot prematurely.  Please check with Gene Bruce or James Pole for the specifications of the bumpers.

ABLE Sail for Kids/Youth – “GIVE IT A GO” Sessions, July 26-30

In advance of our already scheduled ABLE Sail Camps for Kids/Youth in August, we are offering complimentary “Give it a Go” orientation opportunities. These sessions are meant to enable both children and their families the opportunity to SEE our facility, to MEET our instructors and staff, to GET IN boats, and to get a feel for the sailing camps that we offer children with physical disabilities. more…

No Time Like the Present to Launch!

With Ontario moving to Step 3 in COVID measures on 16 July, we will be able to enjoy our boats and the club for the remainder of the season. Members who have not yet launched their boats are asked to get them in the water as soon as possible so the yard space can be maximized. The 21 day grace period after commercial launch expired on 26 June.