Gerald “Jerry” Dain, 1934 – 2021

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of long-time member Jerry Dain, who passed away on November 4, 2021. His generosity and infectious smile will be greatly missed. A celebration of life‚ will be held in the spring. Our hearts go out to Karen Webster, and all of Jerry’s family.

COVID-19 Update – Changes to Member Access to the Clubhouse

With Winter fast approaching, NSC is changing access protocols to the clubhouse to allow members and their guests to enter the club by either of the main floor doors during bar hours (ie. Wed – Sun). This change will take effect on Wednesday, 24 November. A host will be stationed at the main entrance to verify vaccination status, conduct COVID screening and provide access control.  Please treat this employee of the club respectfully as they are there to help your club comply with provincially required COVID protocols. more…

J/22 Trailer Spare Tire Missing

A spare tire from a member’s /J22 trailer has gone missing from the yard. This occurred between the dates of 6 and 14 November. If anyone knows of its whereabouts, or perhaps needed to use it for an emergency, please contact James Pole:  No questions will be asked.

New Water Level and Flow Monitoring Station at NSC

On October 19, Water Survey of Canada (WSC) installed a new water level stilling well and equipment shelter to the southeast of the main harbour access ramp. WSC employees Adam Dowler and Ryan Redmond oversaw and assisted the contractor, ProPost, during the installation of an insulated galvanized stilling well with associated screw pile supports. more…

Report – Trailered Boat Co-operative

October 30th was another successful Trailered Boat Co-operative haul-out. Working together as a team, boat owners of 11 boats that are stored on trailers hauled out all 11 boats and de-masted several by 12:30. Many hands make light work and the added help of Harbour Committee members Rene and JR on the tractor made it flow easily. Thank you to all for your hard work.

Yellow Permanent Race Marks Retrieved

In case you are wondering where they went, the majority of the yellow private race marks have been safely hauled out and stored for the winter, to prevent loss due to ice floes. Only Mark S remains in place for this winter, as its anchor could not be lifted. All marks will be redeployed in the spring per this chart.