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The Galley, NSC Restaurant And Bar

Join us at The Galley every Thursday & Friday evening at 4pm till close and Saturday & Sunday for our Breakfast menu available from 11- 2pm followed by our weekend specials. Come and enjoy a dish from our fall/winter Menu.  We also feature weekly specials effective Nov. 8-11. The Galley has moved to our fall/winter hours and will not be open Mon to Wed.  Reservations are not required.

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Report – FANFARE 2018

This past weekend 8-9 September 2018 was the FAntastic Nepean FAll REgatta (FANFARE), which is typically a great low-key, event, with good winds and a focus on racing. This year did not disappoint. The wind and sun graced us with their presence on both days, although there were some grumblings around the boat yard that it could have been a little steadier 😉 more…

Weeknight Keelboat Racers Go Big

Not to be outdone by the little boats, NSC+BYC had 45 boats on the one-design course and 34 on the JAM course this past Thursday = 79 total. That’s more than 200 people, 130 tons of fibreglass and steel, and half a football field of sails. It must be July!