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Update on Flood Situation 2019 (22 May)

As of 22 May, the water levels around NSC continue to slowly recede, but remain high. The North Crane is now operational but the South Crane is not as of yet. Electrical power has been restored to most of the yard. Members are permitted to begin launching their boats and are encouraged to contact the Service Providers now to begin launching boats. Note that vehicle traffic into the yard is restricted to only those members launching their boats on trailers. more…

Dinghy And Cat Rental, All Day, Every Day

New for 2019! Maybe you are an NSC member without a boat, or maybe you want to try something different. Then rent an NSC sailing dinghy or catamaran. Any membership level – family, adult, student, crew/social – including this-season NSC Advantage Boating sailors. You rig the boat, go sailing, de-rig when done. And you can take a friend too. more…

Club (Commercial) Launch is set for 8 June 2019

Club (Commercial) Launch is planned for Saturday, 8 June 2019. This assumes the river will continue to recede at the rate we have seen over the past week. As well, Group Trailer Launch is now scheduled for Saturday, 25 May 2019. Members who have a boat on a trailer in the yard are asked to make sure their trailer is ready to move as soon as possible. This means no jacks or blocks underneath, all covers completely removed, no hitch locks and the tires are checked.

Federal Boating Ban for Ottawa River in Effect

On 14 May 2019, the Federal Government announced a ban on marine navigation for the Ottawa River extending from the Mattawa River through to Montreal due to flood conditions. Navigation by non-emergency vessels, is strictly prohibited.  This includes all pleasure craft and human-powered craft, such as canoes or kayaks. Until this ban is lifted, members are prohibited from taking their boats outside the confines of the NSC harbour. Transport Canada has responded to our inquiry but advises that the restriction remains in effect. The conditions are being monitored closely in concert with local and provincial police services. The link to the Federal Government announcement is here: Navigation Restrictions for Flooding.