About This Website

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What are the Main Page features?

The splash page provides the users with dynamic ways to search and extract information.

This section is a guide to help users get the most of the new features.

  1. Post Title – Each post listed on the Home page is also available in a separate page, though there’s no reason to click on the hyper-linked post title. If there is more information available for that post than is displayed, more… will appear. Clicking on more… will open the full post page as when clicking on the Post Title.
  2. Categories – Each post is classified under one or more Categories. Category names are associated with Directors’ portfolios and responsibilities. Clicking on a category opens a page that lists all the posts that have that same category.
  3. Search – All posts (and pages like this one) are stored in a database. This tool allows you to search the database for posts and pages that contain all the words you enter in the Search Posts box. Words should be separated by a space.
  4. RSS Feed– Each post is also available outside of the NSC web site by means of “Really Simple Syndication” (RSS). Clicking on RSS Feed will allow you to choose the way you want to have access to the posts via RSS. For more details, see www.whatisrss.com.
  5. Archive– Each and every post is forever available under the Archive month when it was created. If you are not sure when an post was written, use the Archives tool to track it down, or use the Categories or Tags feature to narrow your search.
What browsers are supported?

The NSC WordPress theme was re-factored to support the following:

  1. Firefox
  2. Google Chrome
  3. Opera
  4. Safari
  5. Internet Explorer (IE) – IE ( up to and including version 8) does not support many of the “eye candy” features provided by W3C Compliant Browser. User will not enjoy the visual and adaptive features built in for “real” browsers. >IE Users are therefore urged to view the website with the Latest version available.
Any special support for mobile devices?

Yes: the WordPress theme is use support all modern devices like smart phones and tablets, as well as the more traditional viewing screens of desktops and laptops.


From any post or page, you can return to the main post page by clicking the header title “Nepean Sailing Club”, or by clicking anywhere in the large header image.

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