Weekday Sailing

The NSC Weekday Sailing group is for club members interested in social day sailing with fellow sailors.

The mission is simple: match up available boat owners and crew looking for sailing company on a weekday.
Open to all NSC members, the group gathers every Tuesday before noon during the season at the Blue Tent. There, the day’s adventure is planned, boat assignments made, and it’s off to enjoy the river for an afternoon.

What if there’s no wind or bad weather? Well that’s what raft-ups and clubhouses are for.

New for 2019: In addition to the regular Tuesday sail, this group is trialing online connections. Look for Nepean Sailing Club Sailor Connect at meetup.com. It’s for NSC members only. The purpose is for NSC members with boats and without boats to arrange to meet for day-sailing together on Lac Deschenes, whenever they want.

To learn more about Tuesday group sailing, contact Dianne Westra
To learn more about Sailor Connect online meetup, contact Steve Zabarylo.

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