NSC’s History

This page is a collection of references intended to capture NSC’s relatively short history as a sailing club; NSC officially opened on July 29, 1979, though of course, work began long before then.

This page is under development, but we would dearly love to find a club archivist who would like to take on the project of collecting and recording the club’s history. If interested, please contact Hugh Morrin by email, or at 613-302-0318.

An Abbreviated History of NSC, 1979-1994 – From the 1994 Telltale, by Michael McGoldrick.

Nepean Sailing Club, 1979 to 1994, The First Fifteen Years: this 96 page book, compiled by Mo Laidlaw and published in 1995, builds on the above article, in fascinating detail. As stated here, we would love to find an electronic version of this book, but in the meantime, Michael McGoldrick scanned his copy and has shared it in pdf format (12.7 MB). A high resolution version (76.8 MB) is also available here.

Telltale Issues, 1980-2016 – Up to 2013, the Telltale was published in paper or pdf format, typically on a monthly basis. This link will open in a new tab, displaying folders in Box organized by year. Beginning in 2014, the Telltale became a weekly email message; see the Telltale page for more info about the current Telltale, and to see the 20 most recent issues.

Board of Directors Search Tool – Find an member of the Board, from 1978-present, using this convenient search tool.

Race Results – Some going back to 1999; most since 2004.

Sailing Instructions dating back to 1999, and old Racing Rules of Sailing, dating back to 2001.

Check out NSC’s virtual Trophy Gallery or search our database of Winners of our competitive racing program, and special awards. Some trophies go back to the early 1980s, and you can see all the details.

Search our website: Our website contains more than 1200 posts, and more than 300 pages, all of which are easily searchable, by various means. The easiest option is to use the search feature in the top-right corner of most pages. Looking for a particular post from a given month? Then use the drop-down menu of “Archives” and select the appropriate month. Looking for a post on a particular subject? Then use the drop-down menu of “Categories”. Really stuck? Try a Google Advanced Search, and enter nsc.ca in the domain name. The first few options will search NSC’s WordPress pages and posts dating back to 2009; many pages from pre-2009 have been converted into WordPress and are also searchable. Some other pages, like our old TechTalk articles, appear like WordPress pages but are actually static html pages in a php wrapper. Note that posts appear on our home page in reverse chronological order; older posts either scroll off the bottom or get “expired”, but are rarely deleted. So details of old events are usually still available if you search for them.

Minutes of Board Meetings & AGM Documents – Documents from 2010 onwards are posted at Box.com, in pdf, doc, or ppt format, as appropriate. Member login required.

In Memoriam posts of members who have sailed on.

Historical Photos – an unsorted collection of photos from NSC’s early years, most of which were scanned and shared by Callum Smith.

Website History – A mostly technical log of the history of NSC’s website since its creation in 1998.

Website Evolution – Use the Internet Archive “WayBack Machine” to view snapshots of our website; since 1998, WayBack Machine has archived NSC.ca 400+ times. Note that not all links in the archive will work, but a surprising number do.

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