Reciprocating Clubs

The NSC welcomes visitors from other clubs and NSC club members appreciate the hospitality they receive at other clubs. This page and related documents outline information about the NSC’s current reciprocal arrangements with other clubs.

Privileges For Visiting Members Of Reciprocating Clubs

Nepean Sailing Club welcomes as guests the members of other yacht, boating and sailing clubs, in the spirit of mutual support and recognition that is customary in the sport of sailing. To this end, this note outlines practical matters for visiting members of other clubs.

  1. Visiting members have access to the club premises and its facilities during its full hours of operation, on the same basis as NSC members. Those requiring access outside normal hours will need to make arrangements with the site captain, through the Club office.
  2. The NSC cannot accommodate boats of length over 34.5 feet (10.6 metres) or draft of over 6 feet (1.8 metres). Both power and sailing boats are welcome.
  3. Visiting boats, meaning boats that are not to be home ported on the portion of the Ottawa River that is navigable from the NSC, may be launched and recovered from NSC premises free of charge. (This includes use of the launch ramp). Use of the Club’s 10,000 lb crane (arranged through the club office) is free for this purpose.

National and International Clubs Granting Reciprocal Rights to NSC

Several Clubs grant reciprocal rights to NSC members every year.

Many Clubs, including NSC, belong to the Lake Ontario Club Cruising Association’s Reciprocal Registry so that they don’t need to renew the arrangement every year with participating clubs. The Registry, found at, sets out the parameters for those reciprocal rights.

For other Clubs not on the Registry, NSC exchanges a letter to confirm the reciprocal arrangement. The letters received from these Clubs have been posted in .pdf format to the Reciprocal Program folder on BOX.COM (aka BOX.NET). For details, read the “BOX How To” usage notes.

If your Club is not listed in the folder and you wish to visit NSC, please email the Board Secretary at Board Secretary with your Club’s mailing or electronic address and we will take steps to initiate an arrangement. If you are an NSC member and know of a Club that the NSC should get to know, please email the Board Secretary at the same address with your suggestion.

Lac Deschênes and Ottawa River Clubs

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Britannia Yacht Club
Club de voile Grande Rivière (CVGR)
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Lac Deschênes Sailing Club
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Kanata Sailing Club
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