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Postings from previous sailing seasons have been removed. All skippers and crew are asked to re-register at the beginning of a new sailing season. For reference only, here is last year's Crew Bank.

Let’s connect skippers and crews who want to race or cruise at our club.


There are many skilled sailors in the crew bank, and many people that we would love to introduce to our sport. They’re looking for weeknight and weekend racing and cruising, both dinghy and keelboat. Keep checking this list! Or post your crew needs; there are people searching for a boat who haven’t posted here.


With NSC's active weeknight and weekend racing program, there are lots of opportunities to get out racing -- check out NSC's Racing Program Overview. Other boat owners may be looking for crew for weekday, weeknight, or weekend pleasure sailing.

Alternatively, you may wish to drop down to the club on a race night and hang out at the Crew Table. Skippers will occasionally look for crew if they are short, particularly on windy evenings. Best time to be there is 5:00 - 5:30 p.m., as boats usually leave the dock 5:30 - 5:45 p.m. Ask skippers walking to their boat if they need any extra crew. For dinghy and catamaran racing on Wednesdays, a Crew Table is in the tent next to the sailing school.

Another idea is to come to the bar any night after racing (the boats usually start coming in around 7:30 p.m.), and ask around. You might find a boat looking for your help and skills the following week, or for a weekend race or cruise. At the very least, you will find a happy and noisy crowd, and some great food and beer. For the racing schedule see the Calendar in the Sailing Instructions, or the NSC Google Calendar.

Remember to wear non-marking, close-toed shoes; you may also want to bring a water bottle, and your own foul-weather gear and life-jacket if you have it, though many skippers have gear that you could use. For dinghy crews, a dry change of clothes is recommended.

Note: While non-members are welcome to register on the Crew Bank, those who crew regularly are expected to become NSC members. The current (2019) annual fee for a crewing member is $182.82 + HST (no initiation fee). Skippers, please remind crew of the need to support the club and NSC's racing program by becoming an NSC member. For more information, contact the Membership Director.

If you have found a regular crewing position, or no longer wish to have your name on the Crew Bank, please send an e-mail to Ted Ceelen, the Crew Bank Coordinator, and he will remove your post.

Crew Bank Rosters

Crew Bank Entries are posted in the order received, most recent on top.

Skippers Looking For Crew

Leszek Nowosielski, leszekn at rogers dot com, 819-319-7619
Looking to build a crew roster for 2019 spring/summer/fall season for Thursday night one-design racing aboard Escape, a C&C Mk3. We have a small core group but need a larger roster including one or two regular crew to account for summer vacations. Experience in racing or on foredeck (spinnaker) helpful. (6 Feb 2019)

Crew Looking For A Boat

None yet.

Crew Bank list updated 2019-02-06.

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