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Skippers Looking For Crew

Alexandre Lemieux, fortrel at gmail dot com. 613-277-3360
I own a sailboat at the NSC and I am looking for a crew member to share the joy of sailing. I have no formal sailing training and I do not race. I am looking forward to go sailing on week-day evenings or the week-end, just for fun. I speak both French and English.(18 Aug. 2017)

Lorraine Escher, lorraine at escher dot ca.
My family of six is looking for two crewing couples to cross the Pacific. I'm wondering if any of your members might be Interested? We are seeking two experienced **Crew-Couples** to sail with us on a 90+ day passage from Panama (or wast-Caribbean) to the South Pacific via Galapagos, Easter Island, Pitcairn, Gambier Islands and French Polynesian. We plan to cross the Panama Canal mid-late January 2018, visit Galapagos, Easter Islands, Pitcairn, Gambier Islands and arrive French Polynesia early May. We will leave the Cook Islands for New Zealand in September 2018. We're a family of six who are two years into a circumnavigation. In addition to my husband and I, we four children aboard who are homeschool as we go. The kids are Betty age 11, Paul age 9 and twins Karen and Henry age 6. We are a lively, noisy boat, but fortunately cats are roomy. Our boat blog is at We look forward to speaking with you if you think you might be a fit with our crew. (15 Aug. 2017)

Crew Looking For A Boat

Cheech Gornall, sailing857312 at gmail dot com. 613-403-7385
23 yo, 173lbs, 5'11, 20 years experience. I only race. I do not leisure sail. Available 24/7. dinghy: 420, 470, 29er, laser, many other irrelevant classes. (will race any) keelboat: mostly off shore navigation(tactics), fore-deck, main trim. know my way around a j24 rather well. (15 Sept. 2017)

Peter Verheyden, peterv at live dot ca. 613-323-1187
I am looking to crew on a keel boat on Tuesday nights. I used to own and race an Albacore, Marage 24 and a C&C 29. We currently own an Aloha 30 and I skipper that boat on Thursday nights JAM A fleet and looking to be crew on Tuesday nights. (5 Sept. 2017)

Perry Tsergas, perry.tsergas at gmail dot com. 613-222-0234
I am available for the upcoming FANFARE Regatta if anyone is looking for crew. I have plenty of experience tearing around our cottage lake in an RS Feva XL. As well as some crew/trapeze experience aboard Tornados. Also up for the occasional Wednesday night race if ever people need last minute subs. cheers, perry(1 Sept. 2017)

James Neate, jwneate at hotmail dot com. 705-441-1538
18 year old university student new to town looking to get into the sailing/racing scene. Comfortable at all positions the most being foredeck. I have been sailing for 11 years on anyrhing from racing lasers to big keel boats! availability depends on school schedule. Give me a call!(28 Aug. 2017)

Wynet Smith, wynetsmith at gmail dot com. 613-897-2007
Hi. I completed the Basic cruising course a few weeks ago and looking to get out and practice and help out on a boat. I am a fit early 50s female. I am available often at short notice for day or evening sails during the week, and on weekends too. Best to text me if short notice. Most interested in pleasure cruising but keen to try racing too for experience.(21 Aug. 2017)

Tony Skucas, toekneebegood at gmail dot com. 613-825-6977
I am a novice sailor looking to meet happy sailors for a weekend cruise, from a few hours to a whole day. I have just finished Basic Cruising- Skipper certification and am in great shape, coach easily and love the water.(18 Aug. 2017)

Tamara Wilson, tamarajwilson at gmail dot com. 613-293-1448
Experienced white water canoeist looking to get more sailing experience! Would love to join your crew! I've completed bronze V (dingy) and completed a basic keel boating course in Ottawa.(2 Aug. 2017)

Nathalie Holmes, nathaliemholmes at aol dot com. 613-720-3057
Looking to sail Mondays. Just finished Basic Cruising with Advantage Boating. Have a positive attitude and am keen to learn and work hard. (29 July 2017)

Barb Boire, karma2 at magma dot ca. 613-261-1475
I just finished the CanSail basic for 24' keel boats with Advantage and now I want to get out sailing! For now Mon - to - Thurs eves, and Sun late afternoon or eve are best as I am away most weekends (July 2017 info). I'm still learning but I know the basic terms and can work a jib and a main well enough! **Text my cell is best as I'm not always on Email** (29 July 2017)

Xiaobin Li, txlxb1 at gmail dot com.
Just finished CanSail1/CanSail2 and Basic cruising course. Would like to get more practice regularly. Interested in Dinghy and Keel boats, racing and cruising and any other opportunities for sailing. Available most weekdays afternoon and weekends. Hardworking, keen to learn. Thanks! (29 July 2017)

Nicole Pederson, alm_hydrolady at hotmail dot com. 613-253-5771
I just finished liveaboard basic cruising course about 3 wks ago and would like to gain more experience. The course was through Advantage Boating, on the Nancy O (30') out of Treasure Island marina, close to Kingston. I am semi retired and my work schedule is somewhat flexible. I live in Almonte, so if last minute, I need 1/2 hr travel time. I'm interested in pretty well anything (racing, cruising) that will get me on the water...summer is a short season! (22 July 2017)

Jordan Watson, watsonjordanwatson at gmail dot com. 613-408-1476
Experience sailing on Lasers and Albotross' having completed my Whitesail III. I have some experience with a spinnaker and on the wire but limited. I am available any weekday night and weekends. You can contact me via email/text/phone. I am looking to crew on larger/different variety of vessels and gain more experience in general. I am very approachable and am willing to learn. (22 July 2017)

Brendan Storey, storeyb at hotmail dot com. 506-227-0620
I am a Maritime sailor recently moved to Ottawa and am excited to get back out on the water and meet some good folks. Grew up sailing in on different designs (CNC 29, J24, Thuderbird +) as well as schooled and raced in smaller crafts. Competed in local weekly white sail and spinnaker races, Canadian and Bermudian International J24s as well as overnight class racing around the Northumberland Strait. I am hoping to get my sea legs back on a welcoming and good spirited crew. Cheers!(30 June 2017)

John Bedard, jfjbedard at hotmail dot com. 613-415-6498
I used to sail an Alberg 22' In between boats and looking/wanting to crew/help out evenings and week-ends Thanks (21 June 2017)

FEI WANG, wangfei0323 at gmail dot com.
Almost finishing my basic cruising course, really interested in sailing! Wanna to gain more experience and practice my sailing skills. Free time in the afternoon and night, willing to do some volunteer jobs and learn more experience from the club. Hard-core and dedicated. (16 June 2017)

Zhanna, orion9210 at yandex dot ru. 613-806-5645
I am an agile athletic keener and am very interested in racing. Although I have no sailing experience, I have been involved in competitive sports all of my life and am an extremely fast learner. I have been speaking with some colleagues who sail and race and have been given an overview of what it takes to be successful on a sailing team. I am quite light weight, very agile and athletic and can perform under pressure. I be happy to take on any role which likely means grinding on the winches at the beginning but having done some research, I think I have the right combination of size and strength to be an effective foredeck person, with some training. All that to say, I will do what it takes to bring value to your team and consider myself drama free (can take screaming, not a crying type). I live and work quite close to the Nepean Sailing Club and can commit to a schedule. I would be happy to provide references who can speak to my commitment, determination an d collaborative nature. I am looking forward to my new favourite pastime! (09 June 2017)

Eugene Kouznetsov, evgkouz at me dot com. 613-404-9194
I am looking to join a crew. I have received my CYA Basic Cruising Standard Cert. in 2008 however I did not have a chance to practice my sailing skills since then so I am fairly rusty. I have reviewed my course textbook recently and its just need a hands on experience. I serve in the military and concepts of discipline and teamwork are not alien to me. I have an up do date first aid certification and am available in the evenings and weekends often on short notice. I am available for any type of sailing and on short notice. I am not a club member yet, however will join if that gets me out onto the water. (05 June 2017)

Jeff Cote, jac02000 at yahoo dot com. 613-523-2260
Looking to join a crew for fill in or weekly one night a week. (31 May 2017)

Andrea O'Brien, andrea.obrien at hotmail dot com. 902-402-6189
2013 Basic Cruising Course. 2007-2008 Crew member on Ultimate 20. 2002-2007 Crew member (1 per week) on 27 -30ft keel boats Some spinnaker exp. Comfortable in any position but skip. Loves to sail but needs refresher. (31 May 2017)

Melanie Tremblay, mels.tremblay at gmail dot com. 819-592-0075
My passion for sailing has started in 2007, when I joined a team at the Royal Perth Yacht Club in Australia, where I lived for 4 years. We sailed on the beautiful Swan River, did regattas every Saturday while been on 32' Thunderbird keel boat and social sailing. Since moving back to Canada in 2012, I haven't had the chance to sail on our rivers (which I'm eager to do!). Instead, I challenged myself in learning more about offshore sailing. I planned some sailing trips with experienced skippers on the Baltic Sea, in the Caribbeans and have recently done the RAC Atlantic crossing. Looking forward to joining a team in Ottawa! (25 May 2017)

Valerie Proctor, valerie.j.proctor at gmail dot com. 613-241-3849
Eager to get back out on the water. Experience: two summers of crewing on keel boats at Nepean Sailing Club 2 or 3 nights a week. Obtained Basic Crew (2015) and Cruising Standard (2016) plus Coastal Navigation (2015). Call: (613) 241-3849 home, (613) 276-0016 cell. (23 May 2017)

Arwa Kassamali, arwak2002 at yahoo dot com. 858-414-2964
I was introduce to Nepean Sailing last year and learned about the crew program. I'm interested in learning more about sailing, the lingo and tips and tricks. I'd love to be out on the boat helping you and learning from you hands on. Hope I can join your crew bank. I work very close to the sailing club and can make it on weeknights. If I can be a regular on your boat, let's set up a schedule. Email is the fastest way to get a hold of me, especially during the day. Interested in both racing and cruising on dinghies/keelboats/dinghies or keelboats. Available weeknights /weekends, Mondays /Tuesdays /Wednesdays /Thursdays /Fridays /Saturdays /Sundays Available Often, Preferred means of contact: Email/Text Message, Experience: no sailing experience, but very open to learning; competitive nature, relaxing, fun, female, 32, love to hike and be outside, great swimmer. Positions: crew (11 May 2017)

Nathan Swim, nathan.swim at gmail dot com. 613-859-3525
Interested in racing/cruising all keel boats (with particular interest in Shark24). Available most evenings and weekends. Sometimes on short notice. Contact phone/text/email. Experience: Basic Cruising cert, crewed a few races last season, in my 40s, strong, avg fitness. Would love to find a regular weekly crewing placement. If I can find regular crewing opportunity, plan to buy crewing membership. (10 May 2017)

Scott Murphy, bsmurphy68 at hotmail dot com. 613-986-0174
I am going to purchase my own sailboat sometime in the future but first, I would like to crew for this season to learn the ropes. Can you be my mentor? Also, I will joining the NSC and taking courses to hone my skill. I have White Sail Level 3 and Green Sail level 4. I have crewed for a gentleman at another club and was fun. I am available every evening and weekends with planning. I work west of NSC on Carling at Shirley's bay. Number provided is my cell (Texting is OK). During working hours(7am-3pm) please email. (6 May 2017)

Heather Bell, heathermariebell at hotmail dot com. 613-749-7594
Looking for a boat to race on, one evening per week - available Mon, Tues or Thurs. Grew up racing on my family's Kirby 25 in Barrie, and cruising charter boats in Georgian Bay. Raced last year out of NSC on Organized Chaos. Easy going or competitive boat, I can fit in. Strong, good at following instructions, experienced working pit, foredeck, sails. (6 May 2017)

Richard, rkiefl at gmail dot com. 613-266-9167
Looking to crew, cat, skiff, etc.., during one of races over a weekend. Can't commit to weekly series. Looking to crew in the Cat and Skiff Grand Prix (29 April 2017)

Anna Gopenko, anna_gopenko at yahoo dot ca. 819-712-2676
I am eagerly looking to join a crew this summer. My experience consists of a Basic Sailing course I took last summer with Advantage Boating, in addition to going out and practicing with them on occasion. I would be interested to commit to weekly racing or crewing (e.g. evenings, once a week). Overall, I am looking to improve my sailing ability and have some fun. What I may lack in experience (for now that is), I make up for in my killer team spirit. Thank you in advance! (29 April 2017)

Nadia, nkang27 at gmail dot com.
I completed a basic keelboating course a few years ago, but have not been out much since. My skills are very rusty and I'd like to improve them through practice and learning from more experienced sailors. I'm most interested in Mon night races (28 April 2017)

Brad Herritt, bherritt at gmail dot com.
I have raced at NSC off and on for the past 5 years and raced at Collins Bay in Kingston prior to Ottawa. I am interested in sailing on Tuesday or Thursday nights and am happy to commit to a crew for the whole season. I would prefer PHRF keelboat racing or one design on a J-24 or C&C 27. I have raced a variety of boats: 420, San Juan 21, J-24, and Express 35. I would like to be a part of a competitive and fun crew. Please contact me by email if you're interested in having me on your crew. (26 April 2017)

Mary Lou (Lou) Davies, marylou.davies1 at gmail dot com. 613-890-7245
Completed Basic Sail in June 2016. Raced on Thursday evenings during the 2016 season, and sailed whenever anyone invited me. Also volunteered on the race committee boat. My son Wynn, is the race bosun for NSC. (22 April 2017)

Derek Greenwell, derek.greenwell at hotmail dot com. 613-315-0150
Completed basic sailing at Advantage Boating. Looking to crew for racing on Thursday. I am reliable, friendly and willing to learn. (22 April 2017)

Frank Cosentino, frank.cosentino at canada dot ca. 819-997-7441
I am very interested in both racing and cruising on keelboats. Available weeknights/weekends and sometimes on short notice. Email is easiest way to reach me anytime. I would like to contribute to a sailing crew and improve my sailing abilities at the same time. I am a professional executive, fast learner, team player and in good shape. I have been skipper/chartering monohull and catamaran in the Caribbean since 2012. I have the IYT ICCM 24m Sail, 10m Power Coastal and International Bareboat Skipper Sail certification plus navigation/radio. In addition, I am willing to commit to crew on a regular basis and become a member at NSC. (29 Mar 2017)

Patrick Wilson, patrick.leslie.wilson at gmail dot com.
I completed my CanSail 3 level last summer and am keen get get out on the water again this year. Dinghy or keelboat, I'm reliable and eager to learn and improve my sailing skills. Also, I'm happy to accommodate any scheduling requirements. (14 Mar 2017)

Catherine Corey, thaime2cc at gmail dot com.
Looking for opportunities to expand my sailing experience. I have my Basic Cruising and filled in on a few races Monday nights with the ladies racing. I am available and can committ to a race team. Would like more day sailing and cruising experience. (09 Mar 2017)

Leonore Evans, leonoreevans1 at gmail dot com. 613-983-6074
I am interested in sailing on Monday nights and will be available throughout the summer, except for a couple of weeks in August. Last summer I sailed out of Nepean on Organised Chaos with Melanie Rushworth and had a great time. I am a reliable crew member and if I am unavailable will let you know well in advance. I am a competent sailor who loves being part of a team and spending time on the water. Looking forward to hearing from you. (09 Mar 2017)

Christine Hurst, christineehurst at hotmail dot com.
Looking to become a regular member of a crew for (ideally) one night a week (Mon, Tues, Thurs or Fri) for the 2017 sailing season. Available early spring through late fall. I have my own foul weather gear. Background: Sailing 72' brigantines (experience trimming both fore-and-aft sails as well as square-rigged); 24/7 sailing (watch system) on the Great Lakes and part of the St. Lawrence River; Basic navigational experience (3 point fixes, reading a compass, charting courses, DRs, etc); experience with rough weather/ seas. After a very long break, I am anxious to get back out on the water! (17 Jan 2017)

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