Whether it’s a day trip, weekend overnighter, or that winter adventure trip south, destination cruising is a fantastic opportunity to get away with family and friends and enjoy new surroundings. The Nepean Sailing Club has an active cruising member community whose experience ranges from regular up-river trips, to long duration sails in exotic locations around the world.

Situated on Lac Deschenes, the club offers immediate access to 50 nautical miles of the Ottawa River up-river to the Chats Falls Dam and back. There are a rich array of historical sites and safe anchorages to explore and enjoy. With the right knowledge and planning, even the smallest of boats can become your regular ‘cottage on the water’ here! Just read the fabulous article on Dinghy Cruising on the Ottawa River.

The club also maintains Reciprocal Rights with a number of other clubs on the St. Lawrence, Lake Ontario, and other locales for the mutual benefit of visiting club members.

Cruising Resources

New to cruising, our waters, or just need a refresher? Contributed by experienced members, even the seasoned cruiser will benefit from the background information and many tips here in planning that next river adventure.

Cruising Events

Here are some of the key club-organised events every Cruiser should be aware of:

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