Dinghy Rental

Dinghy and Catamaran rental, every day. New for 2019!

If you are an NSC member without a boat, or you want to try something different, then rent an NSC sailing dinghy. Any NSC membership level – full, crew/social, student, out-of-town – including this-season NSC Advantage Boating sailors who have NSC membership. You rig the boat, go sailing, de-rig when done. And you can take a friend too.

Boats available

420. Laser with full, radial and 4.7m rigs. Hobie Bravo. Hobie-16.
$20 + HST for 3 hours


Summer – 22 June to 23 August

NSC Full Member, including people named on a Full membership.

  • Weekdays, except holiday Mondays : 5pm to 30 minutes before sundown. (Sailing school uses them in day-time on those days)
  • Every other day : 8am to 30 minutes before sundown
  • NSC Student Member

  • Same as Full members
  • NSC Crewing / Social Member and NSC Out-of-Town Member

  • Weekends and holiday Mondays : 8am to 30 minutes before sundown
  • Not available other days
  • Fall – 24 August to 30 September

  • All types of membership – 7 days a week, 8am to 30 minutes before sundown
  • Eligibility

    Minimum age 16. Maximum 15 rentals per person per season.

    The skipper must have recent experience with small boat (dinghy/cat) sailing, minimum CANSail 2 or equivalent. Please see Sail Canada description of CANSail skills. Keelboat experience is not sufficient.

    Need training? Check out sail training programs for adults at NSC.

    To get started

    1. Send an email to the Fleet Captain describing your sailing experience.
    2. We assign you a certification level.
    3. Come to a mandatory orientation session, where you will complete the documentation and we will show you how to rig the boats. You are welcome at orientation even if you are not yet ready to certify.
    4. Book your first rental and go sailing!

    Orientation sessions

    At the sail training pavilion, duration 1 hour, on-land only. Remaining dates:

  • Saturday 17 August 2019, 10am – last chance
  • I’m an expert – can I just rent and go?

    No – there’s some documentation to do, and we need to show you how to find and rig the boats.


    Book through NSC online portal using your NSC membership number- look under “Boat Activities”. Pay in full at time of booking, by member charge. You can book consecutive reservation periods. Book up to 7 days in advance.

    Cancellation policy

    Cancel through online portal up to 48 hours in advance with full refund.
    If storm or high wind at the time of your booking, don’t sail – send an email to NSC office for a full refund.
    Not refundable if no wind.


    To be a skipper, you must be certified by NSC.

    Restricted status

    Passed CANSail 2 or White Sail 3, or equivalent experience. Keelboat cruising is not equivalent experience as it does not include capsize.
    Sail no further than bifurcation marker at end of NSC channel. No spinnaker or trapeze. Up to 9 knots sustained wind.

    Open status

    Passed CANSail 3 or Bronze Sail 4, or equivalent experience.
    Sail anywhere on Lac Deschenes. Can use spinnaker and trapeze.

    If your experience is unclear, you will need to do an on-water test (a small fee applies), based on the CANSail tasks.


    The person renting is the skipper. Skipper must be able to self-rescue themselves and their crew. Skipper must be on the boat. This is an unescorted activity – NSC is not providing safety boats.
    It is the Skipper’s sole responsibility to make the final decision whether to sail or not with due regard for their ability and the weather conditions.
    It is not advised to sail under the following conditions:
    • Approaching thunderstorm
    • Visible lightning or lightning forecast
    • Strong gusty conditions
    Every person must wear a personal flotation device at all times on the water.
    Racing and trailering are not permitted.

    Documentation needed

    Renter 18+ must sign an adult waiver and loan agreement.
    Renter aged 16 or 17 requires parent/guardian signature on a minor waiver and loan agreement.
    PCOC is not needed, and we don’t need to see any sailing certificates.

    If you take a crew

    Crew may be NSC member or non-member. Each non-member crew can sail no more than 3 times per season. There is no age requirement for crew. Crew do not require certification.
    Adult crew must sign the adult crew waiver before first sail.
    Crew under 18 requires their signature and parent/guardian signature on a minor crew waiver.

    Boat damage

    If the boat is damaged or it looks like something is about to break, report it to the sailing school administrator within 2 hours of returning to shore, so that the club can fix it.

    Brought to you by

    This program is brought to you jointly by Fleet and Sail Training. Contact the Fleet Captain or the Sail Training Director, for further information.

    Update log
    03 June : DG: Created this page
    18 June : DG: Added an orientation date. Added Hobie Bravo.
    22 June : DG: Added boat damage section
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    11 August : DG: Updated availability days

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