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Here are some things that you need to know about your boat and its relationship with the NSC Yard and Harbour. Things such as important dates, preparations for Launch or Haulout and where to store your stuff.  Every year, a lot of questions are asked about how the Harbour and Yard operate. We’re always happy to answer them and welcome suggestions and comments.

The Yard and Harbour are set up each year based on NSC’s “Harbour Policy” and “Mooring Allocation Policy”, two documents that describe the “rules of the road” so-to-speak. Have a look at the Policy documents on NSC’s website; you might be surprised to see what’s already there!

Up to Date Information


NSC Cranes

Members may book a crane on-line.

To use the Cranes at NSC, you must be a member and have attended a Crane Familiarization session (spring and fall dates announced on the NSC splash page). Review the videos and documentation on Crane useage.

Buying Or Selling A Boat?

If you are buying a boat at NSC or planning to sell your boat to an NSC member, keep in mind that any slip associated with the vessel is not transferable. A more detailed description can be  found in NSC’s Mooring Allocation Policy. See the page, New Boats and Boat Upgrades.

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