Haulout 2020 Sequences


This page provides links to the 2020 Haulout schedule. On the day of Haulout, it is updated throughout the day so that members know when to be ready for haulout of their boats. The initial schedule is posted a few days before the event, but members should re-check the schedule the night before, and regularly throughout the day.

Colour Codes

Highlighting in the included Google Sheets is used as follows:

  •  Grey : The boat has already been hauled out.
  •  Orange : The boat is being hauled out.
  •  Yellow : The next boats in line to be hauled out: Skippers should bring their boat to the crane’s dock.
  •  White : The boat has not (yet) been hauled out.

Refresh Regularly

On Haulout day, periodic reloads are required on some hand-held devices to refresh the Google Sheets view. The need for this will become apparent if a sheet content remains unchanged for several minutes once the event is in progress. The revision time is noted at the top of each sheet. Schedules change, so monitor this regularly.

2 Cranes, 2 Launch Sequences

North/South Crane Haulout Sequence

Middle Crane Haulout Sequence

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20-10-18: DS: Completed boat sequences, changed Launch to Haulout as required, split the sequences into two parts, edited instructions accordingly.
20-10-01: DS: new

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