Preparations before Haulout

Haul-Out is Saturday October 31, 2015

It may seem a bit early for some to start thinking about this but we organizers try to keep ahead of all you anxious sailors. Most of you have been there before and should know the drill – but experience shows it is not just newbees that miss the boat here – (pun intended).

Plan ahead and be ready

  • Block your day for October 31, Foul weather date of November 7th
  • The yard is closed to all other activity while the commercial cranes are in the yard, so have your boat and cradle ready to go at least the day before Haul-out. 
  • Set your alarm so you have lots of time to be at the club before 8:00 a.m.
  • Your cradle must be level and ready to accept your boat (pads or bunks in place) before haulout day or your boat will not be lifted, you will not be able to work on your cradle on Haul-out day

Before Haul-out day to do list:

  1. Ensure your Haul-out fee is paid – no pay, no lift. (check the club notice board or the web for the Haul-out list)
  2. Make sure all boat work is completed before Haul-out day –  this includes having your mast down and secured to the boat or in the mast racks.
  3. Check your engine to make sure it’s in working condition or if not, be prepared to notify the Crew that you need a tow. If your are winterizing your motor before Haul-out, ensure that no hazardous material goes into the harbour and that any material is properly collected and disposed of in accordance with the Harbour Environmental Policy.
  4.  Attach bow and stern lines to one side (the same side) of the vessel. The lines should be at least 8 metres (25 feet) long.
  5. Your vessel should be marked to indicate where the lifting straps should be placed.
  6. Fenders should be attached to make sure that your highly polished hull doesn’t scrape against the dock.

Randy Wiseman
Haul-out Coordinator

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