Procedure on Haulout Day

If you are hauling your boat with the Commercial cranes:

Be Safe

Please be aware of the Haul-out activity and respect the people under the hard hats – they are volunteers. You will be allowed in the yard (without vehicles) but must stay clear of the Haul-out area – and will not, be able to use either of the crane wells.

No vehicles are allowed in the yard after 7:00 a.m. Saturday morning and the gates will remain closed until the cranes leave after Haul-out.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility.  Please keep your eyes open for potential safety issues and report them to a Haul-out crew member ASAP (anyone with a hard hat).  Unless you are part of the Haul-out crew, please stay outside the yellow tape unless being escorted by a safety officer.

On Haulout Day

  1. Arrive at NSC early.  You and your crew should be on site by 0800 hours (earlier if you are first to Haul-out).
  2. When you arrive, register with any radio person at the clubhouse or with the safety crew.  Ensure that you know which of the  cranes you are scheduled for.
  3. Bring your FRS radio, listen on Channel 10 or stay nearby and listen to the club pa system
  4. When your name/boat is called, bring your boat promptly to the haul-out dock.  If you need a tow, notify the tow boats well in advance of your being called and indicate which of the two cranes you are scheduled for.
  5. Turn your boat over tp the dock crews and ensure you tell them if there are special instructions for positioning the straps (prop shafts, sail drives, sensors etc.).
  6. Leave your boat and wait beside your cradle.
  7. Ensure that your boat is set on your cradle properly – this is your responsibility.
  8. Once your boat is secure in its cradle move out of the haul-out area, you cannot stay with your boat or work on it until all boats have been hauled.
  9. One last item: Haul-out is run completely by volunteers – a thank-you goes a long way

In general, there is no entry to the Haul-out area for any reason until the cranes have left the site. This helps keep a well coordinated and safe Haul-out.

Thanks for your cooperation.
NSC Haul-out Crew

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