Mooring Fees, Waitlists And Your Plans

Valid for Sailing Season 2014.

Starting the day after your Mooring Fees are due, a very dedicated group of volunteers on the “Mooring Allocation Committee” (the “MAC”) start the annual process of figuring out who is planning to have “a place in the harbour or yard” to keep their boat this summer: aka “a Mooring”.  Every spring, the MAC examines every single mooring and every eligible Member wanting a mooring in an effort to maximize how many vessels can use our facility.  The process they use is summarized in the Mooring Allocation Policy.

As some of you know, the NSC harbour was fully occupied in 2013 and it’s true that we have Members waiting for available Moorings too.  A full harbour and a busy yard are good signs of a healthy club but they do require careful management; please be sure that NSC is aware of your intentions for 2014.

So, this year, more than ever before, you need to be aware of what you need to do and by when.   Casually mentioning your plans to a Board member over a beer or in a quick phone call to Julie won’t cut it: the Rear Commodore (me) needs to know – either from a form handed over at the office or an acknowledged email from me.

  • If you paid for and occupied a mooring in 2013, you should have been invoiced for a mooring in 2014.  If you are planning to return, please ensure that your invoice is paid promptly by the due date: before March 1.  On March 1, the list of Members wishing to ‘renew’ their mooring applications is based on the list of members who have paid.  Pretty simple.
  • If you need to change your 2013 mooring status  – perhaps because you have new, larger (or smaller!) boat – please ensure that NSC is aware of your request.  You should have filled out a Mooring Change request and dropped it off at the NSC Office.  If you have any questions about how to do this, contact me directly.
  • If you applied for a Mooring Change or a new Mooring in 2013, the request expired at the end of the 2013 boating season (Haul-Out Day) and you need to resubmit.  If you applied after Haul-Out Day, you’re still on the list.  If you’re unsure, please contact me directly.
  • If you know that you won’t need a mooring in 2014, please ensure that NSC is aware.   One option is to simply not pay any Mooring Invoice you might receive.  Another approach is to (please) send me an email, I will respond to let you know that I have received it.

Feels like Spring is just around the corner,


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