Parking and Traffic in the Yard during the Boating Season

During the Boating Season, parking in the Yard is only allowed for three purposes:

  1. Members using dolly-launched boats in the Dry Sail Park may park in the area shown in the illustration below.  Generally, the area is marked out in the Yard by low concrete barriers.
  2. Members who are cruising their boats overnight upriver may park in the Yard, if desired to keep your car safe, and only if space is available.
  3. Able-Sailors parking in areas marked for Handicap parking only (usually the west end of the North Crane Lane)

The areas closest to the Cranes are used by Members who Trailer Launch their boats.  Please take care to ensure that these boats are not blocked in any way that would prevent a Member from using their boat at any time on any day.  It is, after all, their slip and NSC.

Parking in the Yard is not permitted during the Boating Season.

Parking in the NSC Yard, click to expand

Parking areas in the NSC Yard, click to expand

Rear Commodore & Harbourmaster

Page last updated July 14, 2015

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