Spring 2021 Yard Signup and COVID-19 Self-Assessment Form


In compliance with the City of Ottawa Regulations, each and every individual who wishes to enter the NSC Yard during the “Stay at Home” order (April 8 to May 6) is required to fill out and submit the following form 24 hours or less before entering the yard.

Please note that the personal information that the Club is collecting in the following form is for the sole purpose of meeting the Provincial and Municipal requirement for contact tracing, should there be a known exposure to COVID-19. The information will not be used for any other purpose, nor will it be shared, or sold to any third party. The information will be deleted 30 days after the end of the lockdown.

In the form, please enter your Membership/Member number as written on your access card, including the “dash”, as this is the primary contact tracing identifier.

The Form

Note: After submission, scroll up to the top of form to see the confirmation.

Last Updated: 2021-04-08.

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