Spring Launch

The date for “Commercial Launch” is important at NSC because it establishes deadlines for several other Spring activities in the Harbour and Yard.  The space created in the Yard by launching “Commercial Launch Boats” makes it possible to start moving and launching other boats stored in Yard which, in turn, creates the space required to prepare the Sailing Centre and the Dry Sail Park for Dinghies and Skiffs and also the Trailer Launch areas for keelboats and powerboats.

While water levels and weather conditions may postpone Commercial Launch, various NSC policies are geared to Launch Day.  For example, the Dinghy Park opens within 8 days of Commercial Launch and the Trailer Launch Area within 21 days of Launch.

Of note, Harbour slips must be occupied within twenty-one (21) days after Commercial Launch Day.   The official policy is that “If a member cannot occupy a mooring time, they must notify the Rear Commodore describing the reasons.”  (the complete Harbour and Mooring Allocation policies can be found on NSC’s website in the “Members” section)

Shortly after the Launch deadline, NSC audits unoccupied slips to determine if they can be reallocated to Members waiting for slips.  So, if it looks like you will be unable to launch your boat on time, take a minute to let the Rear Commodore know.

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