Posting Race Results

The process of posting Race Results is common to all races:

Generate the HTML results file with Sailwave, upload the HTML file to the NSC site in a preset folder via an Upload Utility that matches a group name with a folder on the server, and add a link to the results page URL into a WordPress post or page.

The detailed process for posting results is as follow:

  1. Create a sailwave result HTML file on your computer;
  2. Go the the Upload Utility page (the link is always available in the Member Services page);
  3. The utility is for members only: If you are not already logged into WordPress, you will be prompted to log in: enter your WordPress username and password if you have one, OR enter your membership username and password as show on your membership card;
  4. Once in the Upload Utility page, click the ‘Racing Upload Utility’ link;
  5. Use the ‘Browse…’ button to select the Sailwave HTML file on your computer;
  6. Select the appropriate Group based on the race type;
  7. Enter the group password – available from the Webmaster;
  8. Click the ‘Upload it’ button to transfer the file to the server – the file will be stored in a pre-determine folder associated with the group name.

For instance, in 2016, selecting the Sailwave results file spring_series.htm for the ‘JAM Results’ race group:

So the final ‘resting place’ would be

Now you can add the URL of this HTML result file in a WordPress page as a link to be clicked by anyone, e.g.: <a href=””>Spring Series</a>. See the page for examples of such links.

If you need to post an edited version the HTML results file, just upload a new file with the same name as the existing file using the above procedure.

For new or ‘one of a kind’ races, the same process applies. However, the Webmaster would first need to set up a results folder on the server, and add a new group to the upload utility drop down list.

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