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We host some amazing events at NSC, but sometimes we don’t do as good a job at telling our members, and the world, what we’ve done, and about the great regattas and other events that we’ve hosted. We do lots of promotion leading up to events, but very little follow-up reporting. As is our standard web practice, once an event has happened, all posts announcing that “upcoming” event get “expired”, so they don’t appear on the home page. Expired events are still on the web, and can be found by searching for them, or sequencing through the posts, but they won’t appear on the main NSC home page. This way, the website never appears stale or out of date.

But sometimes after a major event or regatta, it’s almost like the event didn’t happen, for those who weren’t around or directly involved. With that in mind, we’d like to ask all event organizers and regatta chairs to write an article about the event which they host. Or this can be delegated to someone else. In many cases, much of such an article could be written before the event, and the details added over the course of the event. Ideally, it would be great to get such reports up immediately following an event (i.e. the day right after the event). We also have the ability to write posts ahead of time and define a time at which they will get posted. This could be useful for adding a link to regatta results, for example, if the URL for the results is known in advance. In most cases, such event reports could, and should, also be published in the Telltale.

As examples of previous such reports, see the 2012 NOD regatta report that Ross Ernst wrote, which was posted on Sail-World.com; Matt Davidge also wrote a great one for the 2012 OSCGP that’s posted at here.

Please send such event reports to Webmaster@nsc.ca and one of the webmasters will ensure that it gets posted.

Page updated: 2018-04-21.

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