NSC COVID-19 Code Of Conduct Agreement

This page contains 3 sections: An introduction, the Code of Conduct, and the Agreement Form to acknowledge electronically your agreement to follow the Code of Conduct.


An Important Message about COVID-19 Protocols from the Commodore NSC

These exceptional times of COVID-19 require that our Club implement exceptional measures and that its members show exceptional discipline to ensure that we all stay healthy and not risk our boating season.

In a spirit of optimism and trust in our community, NSC has developed this document to ensure that all who come to our Club understand and take responsibility for maintaining appropriate physical distancing and sanitation measures. The more robust the measures we implement, the more we can protect the safety of ourselves, our staff, fellow members and the public at large. We all must truly work together to ensure our health and safety so that we are able to enjoy our summer activities.

Our passion to be on the water must be tempered by our sense of community: we are all in this together. Our priority must be focused on all of us coming through these unusual times healthy.

Please read this document carefully. Input to the creation of this COVID-19 Code of Conduct came from a variety of sources including Ontario Sailing and other provincial sailing organizations. Sailing clubs across Canada are working to keep members safe with these commitments.

Our approach will continue to evolve as the situation evolves, as we learn more and as we monitor our efforts.

I wish you all good health and the best boating season possible!

Michael Hoffman
Nepean Sailing Club

NSC Code Of Conduct

You can download and print what follows directly from our BOX Cloud Storage: NSC COVID-19 Code Of Conduct (PDF - 53Kb). Please wait a few seconds for the download to start.

Nepean Sailing Club
COVID-19 Code of Conduct

Goal and Guiding Principles

This code of conduct is to inform all members on the procedures in place to ensure that we can safely be at the Club and to confirm each member agrees to take individual responsibility for meeting the requirements related to COVID-19. Everyone who comes to the Club must first read, understand and sign this document and be ready and equipped to fully abide by its provisions.

  • Members are not obliged to come to NSC if they do not feel safe for any reason, be it because they are in a high risk category for COVID-19 themselves, or they are concerned for other family members that they have close contact with, or do not wish to take the risk. While NSC will take all reasonable precautions to protect staff, service providers and members, your presence in the NSC yard, harbour and facilities is entirely at your own risk.

  • Do not, under any circumstances, come to the Club if you have any symptoms of COVID-19 or if you are living with a person who has such symptoms. If you are under a government mandated self-isolation period, you are required to complete it before coming to the Club. Please refer to the provincial guide for any guidance https://covid-19.ontario.ca/self-assessment/

  • If you have a condition whereby you are immune-suppressed or have a chronic illness, you should consult your physician or public health resources to help you decide if you should come to the Club.

  • The requirements in this document are minimum requirements and everyone visiting NSC must act responsibly and in accordance with them. All who visit NSC must recognize that, individually and collectively, we are doing our best to ensure safety. Officers, staff and members of the Club cannot be held liable should anyone fall sick of COVID-19 or a related illness, after coming to the Club.

  • Should a member observe that another person at NSC is not respecting a requirement of this guideline, it is acceptable to politely and respectfully ask that person to conform to our requirements. Should the issue not be resolved we ask the member to communicate to a member of the Board of Directors who have full authority to enforce this directive.

  • This directive covers the procedures to be followed in the first phases of the reopening of our Club, namely preparing our boats for launch and launching them. As the situation evolves and more aspects of the Club are opened, additional measures will be published on the (nsc.ca) website as part of overall Club reopening plan. NSC will post specific directives on notice boards at the Club, online, and on the grounds. Please look out for, read, and respect them.

  • Members are responsible for keeping themselves informed of COVID-19 procedures when they are published and for conforming to them when coming to NSC.

Conduct and Procedures around the Club

In this first phases of opening, please only come to the Club to prepare your boat for launch in the time slots allocated to you. The following procedures are to be followed:

  • All government mandated physical distancing and sanitation measures must be fully complied with when you come to the Club.

  • The Club will be providing hand washing stations and/or hand sanitizer at key locations including washrooms; however, members are requested to bring their own hand sanitizer for personal use as well.

  • In keeping with the latest best practices, everyone coming to the Club must carry a mask or face covering and wear it properly fitted over the nose and mouth when you are less than 2 metres from another person.

    1. This is to protect your fellow Club members and staff, should you unknowingly be a carrier of the virus. Note that wearing a mask while working on your boat is also a best practice.

    2. In areas where boats are stored close together in the yard, wearing a mask is mandatory given the proximity of the boats and the number of people usually working on adjacent boats. In these areas, proximity, even accidental, is difficult to avoid.

    3. If you are in an obstacle-free space that allows you to easily see and avoid others, wearing a mask is recommended but not mandatory.

  • Members must bring their own garbage bags and recycling containers and take their waste and recycling with them when they leave the yard. On-site disposal will not be available.

Working on Boats in the Yard

  • As the owner of your boat, you are allowed to bring one other person with you, preferably someone from your household. You are fully responsible to ensure that anyone helping you prepare your boat complies with these directives.

  • If you plan to spend most of a day at the Club to work on your boat, we suggest that you bring food and water and appropriate clothing. The clubhouse is not currently open.

Access to Club Buildings and Washrooms

  • The clubhouse and Annex are currently closed to members. When reopened, it will be under controlled circumstances and with strictly enforced sanitation protocols.

  • The clubhouse washrooms, when commissioned, will be accessible from the outside only. A maximum of 3 persons is only allowed in each washroom at any one time.

  • Washroom doors are significant vectors for viruses. Wash or sanitize hands before touching the doors when entering, and after leaving the washrooms.

Launching Boats and Access to Docks

  • Once boat launching is permitted, contractors/service providers and members will be able to access the on-line crane booking tool. Masks will be required to be worn by all users when launching boats, unless it is being done by members of the same household. Physical distancing measures are to be followed.

  • Once access to the NSC docks is permitted for launch, boats will be able be tied to the docks at their assigned mooring position. Once at the assigned mooring dock, boats are to be securely tied to the docks, using owner-supplied lines. For launch day, owners must leave the docks once their boat has been secured. A separate safety protocol will apply for accessing your boat on subsequent days.

Contractors at the Club

  • If you hire a contractor to work on your boat, or bring a helper, you are responsible for that person’s conduct at NSC. You must give them a copy of these directives and that person must comply with them while at NSC.

  • If the contractor is not one of the Club’s regular service providers or contractor, the member must provide to the Club in advance by email, the name of the person / company that has been hired, dates that the work is to be performed, and their contact information.


I recognize that all members shall comply with these directives with respect and politeness toward others. NSC reserves the right to take appropriate action against members for not following these directives.

Agreement Acceptance

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