Information on Joining NSC

Thank you for your interest in joining the NSC.

The NSC is one of the largest, one of the most successful and one of the best values for a boating and social experience in Canada. It is a volunteer managed Club and each member can participate and contribute to its success and growth. Please take a look at the New Member Guide which answers some of frequently asked questions about the NSC.

You will find the Fee Schedule and the forms for joining the Club listed below. Please bring your completed Membership Application and signed Membership Agreement to the Club office during regular business hours Monday to Friday. Should you have any questions about joining the NSC or completing the forms, contact our Office Administrator Julie at 613-829-6462 or (

Once you have visited the office and paid your fees, you will be issued a membership number and an electronic photo pass card for each adult member. For those who are bringing a boat to the NSC, a paramount requirement for a requesting a mooring is a proof of liability insurance for your boat for a minimum of one million dollars.

The membership year runs from November 1st to October 31st and memberships are not pro-rated. Payment is by cheque, cash, or debit (credit cards are not accepted) at the office.

Once you join as a full member, we will welcome you “aboard” with a mentor support program that helps you understand the Club and its benefits.

Joining Information and Applications:

Exclusively available to this year’s Advantage Boating courses graduates.

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