Deep Blue Cleanup

We partner with Deep Blue Cleanup in an effort to be better Ottawa River Stewards. Here is their spring report where we feature in helping with these efforts. Have a read, and get involved – it is our water playground after all.

2022 Crew Bank is Now Open

The NSC Crew Bank is now open for those looking for crewing spots, and for skippers/owners looking for crew. Whether you’re new to town, new to the club, or just looking for something different, the Crew Bank is a great way to connect with like-minded sailors looking for someone with whom to sail. more…

Business as usual!

Yes, we are finally open with no COVID restrictions on our services and events (check NSC’s Bar & The Galley Restaurant page for opening days/times). Come one, come all. Wear a mask if you prefer (lots will still), as we would rather see you than not – everyone equally welcome.

Forget Netflix, Crave or AppleTV

Grab a big bowl of popcorn, a beverage of choice and curl up on your sofa to watch some amazing archive NSC footage from the early 90’s at NSC-TV. Thanks to Brenda McCrea and Ron Evans for these. Warning – shoulder pads, big hair and young familiar faces. Gene is still gorgeous!

Fleet Training – Menu of Offerings 2022

We are offering a menu of training opportunities, to participate in the largest race program in North America. Learn how to lay race marks for great wind angles, find your perfect race boat, help at a regatta, learn to start racing, race virtually in the depth of winter, be a judge, improve your tactics, drive an NSC boat safely. Brought to you by the Fleet Committee. more…