Race Scoring – Volunteers Needed

The race season will soon be upon us and to see those race results posted we are in need of some additional volunteers to do scoring.  The scoring process is straight forward and individual instruction will be provided. Also note that scoring a series counts toward your RC duty obligation. If you are interested please contact Jennifer Holliday at Chief Scorer.

Yard Water Update

This is a sure sign that boating season is just around the corner! Further to the announcement in today’s TellTale, yard water is now working at all 7 original locations – at the  base of the four tall yard light standards  in the southern half of the yard and at the three service  bollards in the northern section of the yard. Please remember to bring your own hoses as  the club does not supply.

Proof of Insurance – half way there

Thank you to the just over 300 folks that have submitted their proof of insurance information via the website form. That’s just a little over half of the boat owners at NSC, so another 50% to go! For those that have yet to do so please visit the website here. It only takes a few minutes and we aren’t able to release slip assignments until this information is received.

Fleet Quarterly Report – Fall Q4 2016

Well Frostbite Sunday racing has ended and the annual club haul-out has begun, drawing to a close another super NSC sailing season on the Ottawa River! Time for the final fall 2016 report on club sailing activities.   It certainly has been a particularly active and engaging season for the member’s organised sailing program this year. more…

Fleet Quarterly Report – Summer Q3 2016

It’s towards end of August and as the Commodore’s update noted, our club is vibrant with member activity across the board. Whether we’re day sailing, cruising overnight, sailing in a club event, or simply messing around with boats, sailing and boating at NSC is alive and well. more…