NSC’s COVID-19 Posture & Policies

On Friday, 16 July, the Ontario provincial COVID measures will change to Step 3. The latest provincial regulation is here. A summary of each step is here. For NSC this means that in addition to the easing of restrictions in Step 2, the clubhouse can open to members with some restrictions which are listed below the “more” button. Properly fitted masks are still required when indoors. more…

Yard Open to Vehicles

The yard is now open to vehicle access. Members are reminded to park in designated areas and to not block trailer-launched or dry sail boats. Please drive slowly as we have children and families at the Sailing School.

Boat Trailers Not Authorized for Storage in the Yard Must be Removed

All trailers that were in the grassed area South of the main gate have been moved into the yard and are secure. We owe our collective thanks to Rene Lessard for his volunteer effort and to the NSC staff. Many of the trailers moved into the yard are not authorized to be kept there. Members who do not have permission to store their trailers at NSC are to remove them from the yard as soon as practical.