Competitive sailing is a great way to enhance one’s sailing skills, socialise with other members, and simply enjoy the water. In its relatively short history, Nepean Sailing Club has grown to become one of the largest club racing fleets in Canada. We offer a comprehensive weeknight race series and weekend event program suitable for all levels of sailing ability and boats. The program is open to members of NSC and local area clubs.

Whether or not you own a boat, both members and newcomers are encouraged to come out and experience this aspect of sailing. So why not register your boat, join a race crew, or volunteer to check out the action?

Program Information

We recommend you start here with an overview of racing at NSC (pdf).

Then, look here for more information on the race series, sailing events and club fleets. There's also tips about getting started.


Guides on registration, Race Committee volunteering, the Crew Bank, and other important topics are here.

Sailing Instructions, Rules, and Resources

Ready for more details? The Sailing Instructions contain details on the race series schedules, weekend and sailing events, starting procedures, course descriptions, and rules.

Club Regattas

NSC proudly hosts a number of annual weekend regattas for keelboats, dinghies, youth, and Able Sailors. With a reputation for excellence in regatta management, we also frequently host provincial and national championships.

Scoring Inquiries & Protests

Should you ever need to correct your scoring, take a post-race penalty, or attend a protest hearing, here's what you need to know.

Program Management

Information for Fleet members, volunteers, and event organisers on the running of the program.

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