The Ottawa C&C 27 Fleet

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This site is primarily of interest to Ottawa area C&C 27 sailors, and those who might be interested in joining the local C&C 27 fleet.

C&C 27 Sailing on the Ottawa River

  • Dedication of The Mike O’Sullivan Cup, awarded to the C&C 27 finishing first overall for the season, in the Interclub One-Design racing.
  • Check out this YouTube video, “Welcome to the Ottawa C&C 27 Fleet”, with photos & video of the 2012 Ontario Championships (the NOD), cruising on the Ottawa River, and our famous raft-ups.
  • Read Dawn Fasken’s article from the May 2008 issue of The Telltale about C&C 27 sailing in Ottawa — Have your cake and eat it too.
  • The C&C 27 seems to be the ideal boat for Ottawa for those who want to both race and cruise — there are over 50 C&C 27s (not including ~8 MK 5s) spread between the three clubs on the Upper Ottawa River.
  • In Ottawa, C&C 27s enjoy good racing two nights a week: Tuesdays we race PHRF Division 2 with similar boats, and on Thursdays we get our own start for One-Design racing.
  • C&C 27 Raft-ups are an Ottawa tradition — click here to learn more about these enjoyable social events.

Information about the C&C 27

Purchasing a C&C 27


  • Ontario Championships, 23-24 June 2012. Another great event, held as part of the Nepean One-Design Regatta.
  • One-design Race, 17 July 2008. Some nice on-water shots with spinnakers.
  • Raft-up, Thursday, 26 June 2008. There were severe thunderstorms at 5 p.m. and it didn’t look like we’d be racing or rafting up, but in the end 13 C&C’s rafted up for a good party on the water. We just forgot to anchor, so had to break up when the wind started to come up. A few of these shots were taken by Islay Mist, the 13th boat, and the first to depart.
  • Nepean One-Design, Saturday, 21 June 2008. There was no wind, so an impromptu raft-up was in order. Hugh got winched to the top of Makai’s mast for a few photos; then the youngest member of the fleet decided she wanted to check out the view, and stayed up for two hours! Of course, the wind came up after the races were cancelled for the day.
  • Raft-up, Thursday, 2 August 2007. The first C&C 27 raft-up, after most boats sailed an extended W course. Ten boats partied until well after dark.

cc27 panorama

For more information on C&C 27 Sailing in Ottawa, e-mail Hugh Morrin.

Hugh Morrin, Blue Zulu, C&C 27 MK III, #894.

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