Buying A C&C 27 In The U.S.

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Importing a C&C 27:

Ottawa sailors looking to buy a C&C 27 may notice that there is a decent supply of good boats in the U.S. While travelling 500-1500 km to buy a boat does add logistical problems, it may be worth it for the right boat. We bought Blue Zulu in Northern Michigan, about an hour south of Sault Ste. Marie.

  • More Value:

    Sailboats of all kinds seem to be slightly cheaper in the U.S., and with the strong Canadian dollar and economic woes in the US, there will likely be some good deals south (or west, from here) of the border. Purchasers pay GST when they import a boat from the U.S., but there is no duty payable on used C&C 27s.

  • More Diesels:

    Most C&C 27s come with Atomic 4 gasoline engines, and while most owners are generally happy with their Atomic 4s, the Yanmar diesels installed in the later model C&C 27s are generally considered a desirable feature. For some reason, these seem to be more popular and plentiful in the U.S.

  • Tranportation:

    We hired David Bratt of Kingston Yacht Haulage (888-389-1473; 613-389-1473) to haul our boat from Michigan. I spent a fair bit of time talking to David before contracting him, and he instilled confidence. We couldn’t be there when he picked the boat up, but everything went very smoothly and the boat arrived right on schedule in fine shape. I would highly recommend David and Kingston Yacht Haulage. David and his truck are seen frequently at NSC. Cost in 2004 for the ~1000 km trip to Ottawa was $2200 and there is no GST/PST on trans-border shipments. David does a lot of travelling, and if you have some flexibility in schedule, he might be able to arrange a “haul-back” to reduce the cost. I’ve also been told that some of the mid-west boat shippers frequently travel east empty, so the vendor may be able to help you arrange something from that end.

  • Customs Brokers:

    David also referred us to a Customs Broker, Brent Smith of JW Smith (800-661-5840, X22; 905-542-7327; Brent handled all the paperwork and it went very smoothly. I’d also recommend Brent at JW Smith. Cost then was $100 +GST.

Hugh Morrin, Blue Zulu, C&C 27 MK III, #894.

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