Interclub Long Distance Series

NOTE: To record your long distance race results, use this link.

Both NSC and BYC have several long distance races on their calendars. The Interclub Long Distance (ILD) series was started in 2008 to stimulate interclub participation and more wide based interest in the long distance races. For the ILD series, one PHRF and one JAM trophy are awarded.

No new races were created; for the ILD we simply selected as counters six races from the regular NSC and BYC long (and not so long) distance races. The regular Interclub scoring scheme is used and two drops are allowed, if all races are completed.

The six ILD races are:

  1. BYC Pinhey’s Point Race (a one way race for JAM and C&C 27, others do the return leg).
    • For ILD, JAM will finish at Pinhey’s, PHRF will finish at “S” mark.
  2. NSC Pinhey’s Point Race (an up-down race).
    • Start and finish at “S” mark.
  3. NSC Mohr Island Race (an up/down race. It is coincident with, and shares a start with, the BYC weekend event (for which there are also NSC trophies, by the way). BYC Mohr Island Race (Margarita Weekend) – Race up the first day, party, race back the next day.
    • For ILD scoring, only the upriver leg of the combined NSC/BYC start will count. These two separate races yield only one ILD race event. A BYC RC will most likely be on station to record upriver leg times. The combined Start is at “S” mark, hosted by BYC.
  4. NSC/BYC Stony Point Race (an up/down race. What used to be separate NSC and BYC races are now combined in this one start, hosted by NSC.)
    • Start/Finish is at “S” mark for all classes.
  5. BYC Queen’s Park Race (a very popular and relatively short long distance race.)
  6. NSC 20 Mile Race Race (an up/down race.)

NOTE: The information on this page is for information only, and in the event of conflict, the Sailing Instructions take precedence..

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